Micki Maverick hits us with “Fine”

It gives you a vibe that makes you remember the one who last took your breath away. Micki Maverick hits the nail on the head with the recent release of “Fine.”

When I tell you she is not playing games with these lyrics. You have no choice but to pay attention and get lost in the REAL that she lays on the beat.

Up-and-coming Los Angeles-based indie alt-pop artist micki maverick delivers her second single “FINE.” Fine is essentially an appreciation post for her longtime girlfriend that’s supported her through hardships and helped her feel comfortable in her own skin. micki maverick hopes that the love letter of a song will empower and inspire women everywhere.

Dylan Neil, aka micki maverick, shares “Let me tell you, my girl is truly fine as wine. Needless to say this track was written for her. I’ve been with my girlfriend since we were both 17, and to say the least she has seen me through some of my darkest moments. These past 4 years with her have been the best and most authentic of my life. When I met her I was a chameleon, I’d change myself slightly for whatever social situation I found myself in. I never wanted people to see the real me out of fear that I would be rejected, but there is something about her that made me feel like I didn’t need to cover up and hide. She spoke up for me when others stayed silent, and she gave me all the love I needed when no one else would. 

She has seen every side of me, the good and the ugly. I started having manic episodes in high school, and she was the first person to truly see me through that darkness. No matter how irrational my emotions are she never has left my side. I really don’t have sufficient words to express my gratitude for her in my life, she’s pulled me out of the depths of my own mind countless times and has always loved me no matter what. No one else truly knows me like she does, she is my best friend and the love of my life. 

When writing this song I wanted to showcase how wonderful she is. She struggles with anxiety and body image, so I wanted to give her a special song to play when she needs a reminder of how drop dead gorgeous she is. This song was written for her, but I hope it will also serve as an anthem to women everywhere.” 

“FINE” is the perfect anthem to round out #Pride month; a track that boasts confidence and community, with positive vibes only.  

Photo credit: MJ Durand

ABOUT micki maverick:

micki maverick was born in Los Angeles in October of ’97 and was raised a California native. She grew up listening to Shakira, Fergie, Lady Gaga and Rihanna-all badass females in her opinion. When in high school she immersed herself in new age soul and Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” became an everyday listen. Soon after, she heard an up-and-coming Kehlani which gave her the final push to create music.

Connect with Micki:

Instagram: @micki_maverick

Twitter: @micki_maverick

Facebook: @mickimaverick

SoundCloud: @micki_maverick


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