Flyaway Books Releases new Children’s books for the Spring

Our friends at Flyaway Books released four new children’s books this spring. Ideal for children ages 3-7, the books explore various themes including friendship, the beauty of diversity, overcoming differences, and childhood bullying.  
Who Is My Neighbor?
Written by Amy-Jill Levine & Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Illustrated by Denise Turu
Based on the parable of the Good Samaritan, this inventive story is sure to prompt rich conversations, encouraging new ways of seeing our neighbors and ourselves. A note for parents and educators is included.
Take a look inside Who Is My Neighbor? here.
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The Story of AND
The Little Word That Changed the World
Written by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Illustrated by Joani Keller Rothenberg
With a song by Carrie Newcomer
A fable that explores how the word AND helps a group of opinionated shapes overcome their differences to create something entirely new. The picture book will prompt children to look for the unexpected connections all around them. 
Take a look inside The Story of AND here.
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Bruno’s Hat
Written and Illustrated by Canizales
Told from the point of view of Bruno’s best friend, Peter, this insightful children’s book explores bullying—especially the choices children face in defending others who are bullied. The book also includes a downloadable guide to help children, parents, and educators navigate the challenges of childhood bullying.
Take a look inside Bruno’s Hat here.
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