AMES puts out “Mama It’s Me”


Recently, singer/songwriter AMES put out “Mama It’s Me,” the fourth single from her forthcoming EP, My Name Is AMES (April 5). The track is penned as a letter to her mother, confronting their complex relationship.

She explained a little bit about the track; “My relationship with my mom has had its ups and downs much like anyone’s relationship with a parent. My mom is very conservative and holds some beliefs that seem a bit “Old fashioned” to me. We haven’t seen eye to eye on many things and when I came out to her at 16, she was scared. Looking back, I think she was afraid I wouldn’t find love, that I would never have a “normal” life or find a partner. My mom’s love for me is like nothing else in the world; when I hurt, she hurts. She has a kinda “six sense” of when I’m struggling and she does the only thing she can do… she gets on her knees and she prays for me. Since I left home to pursue a career in music I haven’t been able to see her often. I miss her and sometimes we lose touch but as complicated as life gets…. her love for me is simple and pure. She will send me a coat, a box of food or money for new hubcaps… She wants to make sure I’m warm, safe and that I’m eating enough. She’s my mother and I’m still her baby girl. This song is for her.”

Growing up home schooled in an extremely conservative Christian family, AMES was uprooted and moved to Honduras as a missionary at age 13. It was there, without friends and in a strange country, that she had to grapple with being gay and spent all of her time writing and listening to the only secular album she could get her hands on, Fiona Apple’s Tidal. She moved to the states for a Christian college, dropped out, moved to LA, and vowed to spend the rest of her life making art and helping LGBTQ youth.

Since then, AMES has been working hard in the industry, writing for prominent pop artists like Kelly Clarkson, Rita Ora, Icona Pop and more. She marked the beginning of her solo career with the 2018 release “Hold On,” an uplifting track written as a letter to her former self who struggled with her sexuality, and “Picture In My Mind,” a song that mulls over dating in the age of social media. Her third single, “Old Hero,” was inspired by true events and actual heroes in her life– one who died actually saving her life and the lives of eight others and the other, her friend Jaron D. Holliday, an incredibly talented pianist who died in while serving in Iraq.

With a strong debut EP on the way, which FADER labeled a batch of “majestic bops that pull from the realities of her queer life,” AMES is set for a huge 2019.

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