Tea Tyme Talk: Let’s Get Back To Queer w/ Brandon Nick

As we explore what the world will be like Post-Pandemic, I was introduced to Brandon Nick and his “Let’s Get Back To Queer” Podcast. As I explored the different outlets that could take my mind off of potentially being stuck in the house again Let’s Get Back To Queer presented a break from reality as Brandon takes the listener on a journey that covers all things from Life to Love to Laughter.

Let’s Get Back To Queer is a community-centered podcast that exists to celebrate community, and to archive the cultures and legacies of Black queer and trans communities. From audio-essays, narrative storytelling, interviews, and everything in between, we use curated topics to explore the forces that shape, and break, Black LGBTQ communities. These topics include,  but aren’t limited to: crystal meth use, hotlines and sex work, ballroom history, HIV/AIDS, desire and disability, goddess work, and mental/physical wellness practices. We created a unique, community centered audio-series that centers and amplifies diverse voices in Black LGBTQ communities while inspiring critical conversations around our individual and collective existence.

If you know me then you know I had to go behind the scenes and get The Who to the What from Brandon Nick himself. Tap in as we discuss the birth of Let’s Get Back To Queer and the lessons Brandon has learned on his journey to the debut.

More on Brandon Nick:

Brandon is a queer, bright, and brilliant Black boy from Maryland who lives somewhere in New Young City. He’s a storyteller at heart, photographer by trade, and the co-founder of The Each-Other Project – a digital media organization which fosters and celebrates communities of Black LGBTQ and LGBTQ people of color. Brandon’s work exists to amplify the voices and images of Black queer & trans people, and has been featured in publications like: The NY Times, The LA Times, NBC, AU Magazine, Ebony, The Advocate & The Guardian. He’s a graduate of Morgan State University and reps it proudly.

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