MTV Catfish Star “Lady Sham” Frenemy Attack Cut From Show

Lady Sham - MTV Catfish - Frenemy Attack Scene Cut

Sometimes, situations on reality TV can get a little too real for television! Sham Ibrahim aka “Lady Sham” is a transgender artist and drag performer, who recently appeared on an episode of “MTV Catfish” entitled ‘Sham and Phillip’.

In the episode, Sham is communicating online with what she thinks is a wealthy Middle Eastern prince, but turns out (spoiler alert) to be an old friend named Mike Everaert playing a cruel prank on her. 

Apparently, not everything was shown on the episode. Sham says that when the confrontation happened,  things got physical.

“I was so angry when I saw my ex-friend Mike standing there and laughing at me that I totally lost my temper.”

Viewers can see host Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford going on a hunt to find the true identity of the person Sham is communicating with online- which leads them to the backyard of a house in San Diego where the showdown takes place.

After Sham discovers that it is her old friend playing a prank- she attacks him and pushes him into a swimming pool that is in the yard–but NONE of that ends up in the episode! The entire physical confrontation was cut out.

“I couldn’t help myself. I had to have revenge and pushing him into a freezing cold pool was so satisfying in the moment. I have no idea why it was edited, but it most certainly happened.”

As for the style of the show, it is unlike other reality shows in the sense that there is nothing scripted or planned, and people who appear on “Catfish” are not given any direction by producers. 

“The show is insane. There are no re-takes, no scripts, they just let the cameras roll and whatever happens, happens. I didn’t even have a make-up artist or hair stylist to help put me together and my wig is actually crooked in an entire segment of the show because no one fixed it for me.” 

Although the experience of being catfished in front of millions of people was tough, Sham says in the end it was more positive than negative. 

“Nev and Kamie are excellent at what they do. It’s more of an investigative journalist-type show than a traditional reality show. To be honest, I am just so grateful they were able to get to the bottom of this and give me some closure.”

As for her friend Mike- turns out they have put the past behind them and are best friends once again.

“Mike and I were friends for 20 years before this, and even though I was angry at what he did I have been able to forgive him and apologize for the mistakes I made. We have a great relationship now. He is one of my best friends”, Lady Sham closes.

All-new episodes of MTV Catfish air on MTV Tuesday nights at 8 pm/7 pm central.


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