Inside the Glitter and Glam with Alexander Rodriguez

Alexander Rodriguez

Taking time away from his busy schedule of Fashion, Fun, and Glitter, Glitterbomb co-host Alexander Rodriguez sits down with me and allows me to get all up close and personal into his life, drive, and most of all personal favorites.

Bringing back the Hollywood glamour and style, martini in hand,  Alexander Rodriguez is a host unlike any other. Brazen, shocking, and always hilariously unfiltered, he stands out as the larger than life, martini sipping, can’t confine to a box, Hollywood obsessed, Bravo TV junkie, sarcastic, opinionated, party monster and, of course, dapper host.

Blessed with a quick wit and a funny face – that often gets him in trouble – Alexander Rodriguez was raised by a VERY opinionated single mom who worked three jobs so he could go to private school and keep up on voice and acting lessons.

Growing up in conservative Orange County, he was a chubby kid who was always causing problems at school for talking too much and was challenged every which way because he was not wealthy, didn’t look like everyone else in OC and because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Luckily, his mom provided him the happiest household he could imagine, which helped shape his unique sense of humor and ability to find the joy in all situations.

Today he just doesn’t fit in any box: he’s gay, but does not have a size 28 waist. He’s Latino (of Mexican descent) but does not label himself purely by that culture. He’s a bear in the gay community but does not go to leather parties. He’s a cinemaphile but loves Bridesmaids as much as he does Schindler’s List…and most important, he’ll never say no to Happy Hour.

As a gay latino TV host and radio personality he’s been breaking many stereotypes – he certainly epitomizes the definition of “doing it on your own terms” and succeeding at it.


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