Honeyfund Registry Supports LGBTQIA+ with Honeymoon Options

Ahmad and Josef - Honeyfund

This story was too cool not to share and I know there are more, have you worked with Honeyfund, the renowned free gift registry? Their claim to fame is turning your dream honeymoon into reality and empowering your happily ever after with the support of loved ones. As Pride Month approaches, the company extends its heartfelt love and unwavering support to couples within the LGBTQIA+ community. And what better way to commemorate Pride Month than by sharing the most heartwarming real-life love story?

Ahmad and Josef - Honeyfund

Ahmad and Josef – Honeyfund

Meet Ahmad and Josef, an absolutely charming newlywed couple, who recently tied the knot on May 11th! Ahmad, an aspiring actor, and Josef, a talented dancer, utilized their Honeyfund registry as an immigration fund. With the incredible assistance of their family and friends, they have already received a remarkable 42 gifts, totaling over $3,000. These generous contributions went a long way in helping Josef cover his relocation fees and support him during his period of unemployment before he received his long-term visa. Their journey is a testament to the power of love, unity, and the unwavering support found within their community.

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