Bridge Philanthropic Consulting Establishes the Bridge Justice Barometer

Bridge Philanthropic Consulting

New Annual Accountability Survey Set to Measure Justice Equity

The current period of racial reckoning in the United States has reignited heightened public awareness of a multitude of racial and social disparities. Given its social justice mission and the renewed focus on justice sweeping the country, Bridge Philanthropic Consulting (BPC) has created the Bridge Justice Barometer and will launch the research-based initiative in the second quarter of 2021.

The Bridge Justice Barometer is a unique, researched-based, annual credibility survey that examines and measures the opinions of diverse, geographically dispersed stakeholders regarding an organization’s stated social justice principles and values versus their actual practices in specific justice categories. It is a benchmark measurement of perceptions of justice that can drive communities, companies, and other organizations to address the results of their actions relating to justice and develop strategies for improvement. The Bridge Justice Barometer, a first of its kind in the United States, is part of Circa64, BPC’s new Social Justice Practice.

“BPC’s goal is to ensure the $2 billion corporations have earmarked for initiatives seeking to support causes, programs, and initiatives that serve Black and Brown people actually create transformative change rather than transactional moments,” said Tashion Macon, Ph.D., a BPC Partner and Culturalist. “Culture changes when there is awareness that current circumstances do not ensure justice equity exists for all members in a society. Accountability for results, which is what the Bridge Justice Barometer is designed to achieve, provides motivation for improvement.” 

The Bridge Justice Barometer will create a customized measurement index that highlights the digital and social justice performance of the company, inclusive of digital representation. 

“Research will allow us to understand current justice conditions and set goals for improvement, which helps to create a culture of accountability,” said Max D. Larsen, Ph.D., former Managing Partner, The Gallup Organization and an Executive Consultant with BPC. “The Bridge Justice Barometer will produce credible research that reveals how our current society fails to provide equal justice for all and will help to establish measurable goals for taking positive action to move to a more just world for all.”

The measurement instrument was created by BPC to oversee and assess how organizations are demonstrating a real commitment to justice through their actions, deeds, and practices using qualitative and quantitative opinion research. BPC has engaged CFI Group USA, nationally recognized in developing survey measures and analytics, as a research partner for the effort.

“The CFI Group is looking forward to working with BPC in creating the Bridge Justice Barometer, especially during this period of racial reckoning. Change is hard, particularly without any systematic way to measure and hold ourselves accountable for it,” said Sheri Petras, CEO, CFI. “We’re very much looking forward to bringing our experience and sophisticated research methods to this effort, to identify areas with the most potential to impact social justice and track the progress of all sorts of organizations. I believe this initiative will help propel significant changes beyond the domains of work environments, catalyzing the sort of chain reaction of empowerment, effectiveness, and engagement, which is essential to attain equity in and for the overarching communities.” 

The study will include international thought leaders to showcase the status of justice and social change work around the world. It will focus on the principles and practices of justice in business, academia/ education, media/ pop culture, technology, government, health, finance, and non-profits/ NGOs.

“The Bridge Justice Barometer promises to be a change-maker in the justice sector and society, as it will fill the need for a formal study to measure the progress of equity outcomes,” said Jennifer Jiles, a BPC Partner and Executive Consultant. “This tool will be laser-focused on organizations’ efforts to advance justice internally and in the broader community. We will publish what the research reveals and allow that information to prompt greater accountability and policy change.”

BPC aims for this public information tool to drive transformational policy change in sectors that include but are not limited to private industry, academia, media, social institutions, NGOs, and government. 

“During this watershed moment on racial equity, an opportunity has been given to us,” said Gabrielle Calara, a BPC Intern and Communications and Cultural Studies major at Fordham University. “People are listening and there is no more opportune moment than now to stir the culture, perpetuate a conversation within the community, and instigate change to provide equity and justice for all diasporas.”

About Bridge Philanthropic Consulting

Since 2016, Bridge Philanthropic Consulting’s (BPC) mission has been to bridge relationships and resources to impact social change. BPC is the nation’s largest full-service African-American-owned social justice, social change, and fundraising firm, and is a member of The Giving Institute. BPC is one of the most experienced fundraising firms in the country and provides counsel in capital campaigns, annual giving, major gifts programs, special events, corporate and government program development, conference management, organizational development, board training, planned giving, and strategic communications. 

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