Breaking Glass Announces the VOD Release of “Extra Innings”

Extra Innings

Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to announce the release of Extra Innings, a beautifully written true-life story about a young man with a burning desire to follow his dream of playing baseball. This poignant film is about a family in crisis, and how honoring family or following your path, can intersect in ways that can change your life and perspective forever.

VOD & DVD Release Date: 9/22/20
Available soon on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play,
Vudu, Fandango, Xbox, and InDemand

Brooklyn, 1960s – At 12 years old, David Sabah feels trapped. The youngest of four in a traditional and devout Syrian Jewish family, his parents Esther and Eli hold him to extremely high standards, hoping to raise him into an ideal member of the New York Jewish business community. His oldest brother, Morris, diagnosed with schizophrenia, is locked away upstairs as a family secret, while his oldest sister, Vivian, was estranged long ago for her rejection of traditional Jewish values. Only his sister Rita remains in the good graces of the family, devoted to her role.

Fearful of becoming a black-sheep like Morris and Vivian, David struggles to balance his pursuit of happiness and his filial duty as tensions rise amidst his family in light of a tragic loss. David finds peace through his love of baseball. When David is offered a scholarship to play baseball for a college in California, his family couldn’t be more furious. Encouraged by his sister Vivian to follow his dreams, he must decide whether carving his own future is worth cutting ties with everything he’s ever known.

Based on the life story of writer and director Albert Dabah, Extra Innings is a powerfully sentimental glimpse at the true human impact of mental illness on a family, and the complex condition that guides us all, Hope.

Extra Innings

Extra Innings

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