You ready for a “New Boo”

Porcelan is back at it and I have one word for you, REPEAT!

New Boo” is your not so-traditional holiday song, but one that blends trap and R&B during the season. “New man, new boo, new me! It’s a feeling of spending the holidays with someone who’s not wasting my time and fulfills my wish list during the festive season,” mentions Porcelan. “I don’t have to be alone just because I’m not with you,” she adds. “New Boo” is available on all streaming platforms now.


A mere mention of the history-rich city of Memphis and classic American music in the same statement immediately conjures up images of legendary singers/songwriters/musicians, classic recordings and immediately identifiable sounds…many of which are Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-inducted and have all stood the test of time. One might even conclude that Tennessee’s most world-renowned city – considered by many a “songwriter’s haven” — has been a hot-bed of timeless music since the inception of what we now know as rock ‘n roll, soul and American pop music. While the soulful baton has since been memorably passed from Detroit and Philly, to places like Atlanta and Minneapolis over the years, Songwriter Hall of Fame-inducted songwriter/producer/entrepreneur David Porter and his Made In Memphis Entertainment label are bringing things full circle, positioning the eternally musically-fertile city back to the forefront of contemporary R&B with the forthcoming, full-fledged debut of fast-rising, much buzzed-about, genuinely talented singing/songwriting hometown girl, PORCELAN.

Born and reared in the Westwood area of South Memphis, contemporary urban/R&B “It Girl” PORCELAN couldn’t help but ultimately pursue her own musical aspirations, having immediately absorbed her historic musical surroundings from a young age while growing up in a family of instinctively musical people. “I don’t really remember it being anything I heard on the radio; I really [more so] remember it being my family, like my Mom singing,” recalls the breakout songstress, when asked about the source of her first musical impression. “My parents are singers and musicians, so at family reunions it was really like `a thing.’ It’s not like the ‘ole `Oh, get up and sing for us.’ Everybody just starts singing or gets up and does a song for the family. So I was like `Everybody else can sing and play instruments. I wonder if I can.’ And I just started getting into it.” Spurred by the encouragement of a fifth grade teacher who heard her voice early on, along with long car rides with her Mom listening and singing along to the likes of Bobby Womack, Al Green, Rick James and Marvin Gaye, school-aged PORCELAN found herself auditioning and performing for school graduation ceremonies which soon thereafter uncovered another musical gift…writing. “I started writing poetry since I was in middle-school and realized I was good at it,” PORCELAN recounts.

In keeping with that momentum, PORCELAN focused on building her reputation in music circles, doing everything from appearing on BET’s 106th & Park, collaborating on material with super-producer Timbaland, opening for Tank and gaining invaluable performance experience via a three-month tour of China with a cover band. “Doing show bands is totally different from being an original artist, so I had to learn how to entertain in that realm. Even though I was new to it, I started being around a lot of seasoned people who showed me the ropes.” It didn’t take much time before her dynamic voice and striking stage presence caught the attention of music industry types, one which resulted in a most cryptic phone call she’ll never forget. “It was a random call on my phone on my phone one day and I wasn’t going to answer it because it was a random call. I thought it might be somebody I didn’t want to talk to. But I did answer the phone and the person said, `I’ve got an opportunity for you that’s going to change your life.'” Though he couldn’t tell her what the opportunity was, following a few questions he was [in fact] able to answer, he confided that the call was on behalf of veteran music industry luminary David Porter. Though she recalls showing up for their scheduled meeting at a seemingly abandoned, still-under-construction location ripe with rust and spray paint, an ambitious and optimistic PORCELAN commenced to taking her meeting with Porter and walked out as the first artist signed to Made In Memphis Entertainment.

PORCELAN soon found herself in the studio with Porter and fellow Made In Memphis songwriters/producers Hamilton Hardin and DeNarious Holmes recording the her smoothed-out adult R&B debut single “The Real Thing Don’t Change” (along with “The One” and “Can You Hear Me Now”), which soon thereafter facilitated notable and buzz-worthy live bookings at SXSW (South By Southwest) and Essence music festivals. Once audience members and radio programmers increasingly grew aware of her simultaneously promoted EP, response to her second single release – the infectiously sumptuous beat ballad, “Lois Lane” – PORCELAN found her dream unfolding as she made her way up the Billboard R&B chart straight into the Top 20.

While newfound fans await the forthcoming EP’s early 2020 release, a steady-on-her-grind PORCELAN surprisingly delivers Joyful Hearts: A Season of Love, a most contemporary-sounding Christmas set which further displays her knack for composing vibrantly soulful songs amidst thoroughly-pleasing, contemporary production. Hence, radio-ready holiday selections like her light-steppin’, beat-riddled seasonal stomper “New Boo;” the upbeat, festive “Wish List;” her sultry ‘n soulful “My Gift Is You” and the warm-n-cozy title cut will more than hold her growing audience over through the holidays and into the new year, just in time for the roll-out of her anticipated EP release.

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