You got your Jewelz For The Face?

When asked about his passion for bespoke diamond-studded eyewear and custom engraving, Jewelz For The Face founder Danny Aranbayev says his reason is quite simple, “Your eyes are the first thing someone notices on your face.” When conceiving the name for his new venture Danny chose Jewelz For The Face because as he says, “glasses are jewelry for the face”. For decades, Danny has worked in the world of luxury jewelry design, his latest venture Jewelz For The Face comes from a consistent track record of style and substance, as the proud New Yorker is geared to touch all parts of the world. Danny’s merging of vision with luxury is far from new. A graduate of opticianry school, Danny worked in opticianry for over a decade, learning about the quality of lenses and the precision of frame placement. His third-generation family business, Avianne & Co. helped him enter into the luxury jewelry design market, though Danny has since carved his own niche with a celebrity client list that reads like an award show roster. His celebrity impact happened one fateful day, when Danny was managing a store out in Queens and was given the opportunity to style glasses for Ashanti and Tory Lanez. That move led to Ashanti shouting the company and Danny out on her Instagram, thus catalyzing Danny’s concept of his own business.

Jewelz For The Face is exactly as it states: luxury eyewear, customized for every customer’s unique experience. Danny combines the structure and sensibility of his optician work and melds it with his family’s long history of luxury jewelry design to create individual, one-of-a-kind eyewear that speaks to the personality of the person wearing them. The bespoke frames involve taking a customer’s eyewear and designing around it. That can be with diamonds, custom etching, sometimes even redesigning the entire existing design, which can include changing the lens color. It’s no surprise that when Danny launched Jewelz For The Face in 2020, his notoriety spread like wildfire, even at the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I knew what I was doing, I had a vision, and I took the leap,” Danny explains. His popularity reached a viral peak across social media platforms, fueled by his celebrity clientele.

It’s no wonder why everyone from Hip-Hop to Hollywood and even the Sports world has gravitated towards Jewelz For The Face as their go-to for custom eyewear. Clients include the Fivio Foreign, Rowdy Rebel, Riff Raff, Yung LB and many more!  Bobby Shmurda even featured his Jewelz For The Face eyewear on the cover of his comeback single “Cartier Lens.” Danny was even given the honor of “bringing back to life” the infamous lenses of the late Pop Smoke for his best friend, rapper Dread Woo. Danny had also created diamond clustered frames for the late fashion icon Virgil Abloh, which he calls the “Louis Vuitton Billionaires,” though they never made it to his face and were later sold to a private entrepreneur for over $50,000. However, for Danny Aranbayev, the mission isn’t just to boast a roster of top-tier clients. He has far bigger plans in mind. “Our long-term goal is to launch our own eyewear based on jewelry concepts,” Danny says proudly. It’s through his drive and ambition that Jewelz For The Face is growing into the hub for luxury eyewear. Stay tuned to Jewelz For The Face socials below for more information as well as updates on future collaborations and the launch of their new website where you can go to “get your vision right”.


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