Wonderama TV, UNICEF USA and the Times Square Alliance Collaborated for The Biggest Halloween Parade ll Live at Times Scare in NYC

Caught between the realm of two dimensions, that of our world and the haunting spirit world, The Biggest Halloween Parade ll was celebrated live at Times Square in NYC thanks to the teamwork of the iconic kid’s show Wonderama,  UNICEF USA, the non-profit that does more for children than any other organization in the world, and the Times Square Alliance where the corners of the planet converge. The 10 story billboard flashed Wonderama in giant purple sparkle, the creative and colorful costumes surrounded the Halloween extravaganza while the 10 foot skeletons loomed in the distance beyond the stage…

The parade and entertainment featured hosts David Osmond and 17 year old Kelvin Dukes. There were performances from the Off-Broadway cast of Stranger Sings:  The Musical Parody, Jazz at Lincoln Center Jazz Academy’s “Second Line Band” featuring Jeffrey Miller, Kanisha Marie Feliciano from Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera, and an array of others. The broadcast was streamed all over the globe for all to see in honor of Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

UNICEF USA was on hand with Director of Marketing Shelly Diamond and Creative Director Tom Walker adding to the celebration and raising awareness for the 75 year old organization. Communities all over the US have been activating and support for trick-or-treat for UNICEF by putting QR codes on trick-or-treat bags with information of where to send donations and giving people a hand to add  “meaning to your Halloweening.”

Wonderama is a cross platform media and entertainment lifestyle program that marries positive social impact with good TV. Building upon the legacy of the iconic Wonderama kids variety show that aired in the US for over four decades, the show creates original content to entertain, educate and inspire kids and families. Their mission is to encourage kids to aspire to their dreams.

The Times Square Alliance worked to improve and promote Times Square one of the most visited places on the planet. Founded in 1992 the Alliance endeavors to keep neighborhoods clean and safe, promotes local business, and produces major annual events including New Year’s Eve.

All together they created the only Halloween parade that showed families in costume on 10 story screens on One Times Square and around the world encouraging audiences in New York in the United States and abroad to contribute to a greater good this year.

It’s not too late to add some meaning to your Halloweening this year. Learn more at https://www.unicefusa.org/trick-or-treat