WNBA Rule Changes

The WNBA Board of Governors approved two rules changes for the upcoming 2016 season, the league announced today.

First, the 24-second shot clock will reset to 14 seconds after an offensive rebound (or when the offensive team otherwise retains possession after the ball contacts the rim).

Second, the below rules will now use the last two minutes as the timing guideline, a change from the last one minute:

  • Option to advance the ball after a timeout
  • An away-from-the-play foul in the last two minutes will result in one free throw by any player in the game and possession
  • The throw-in from the frontcourt during the last two minutes of the fourth period and last two minutes of overtime may be thrown into the backcourt
  • If a team has committed three or fewer team fouls during the first eight minutes of any regulation period, or two or fewer team fouls during the first three minutes of any overtime period, the team will be penalized beginning with the second team foul in the last two minutes
  • Instant-replay reviews of a two- or three-point shot attempt will be conducted immediately upon a successful basket when the clock stops in the last two minutes of the fourth period or last two minutes of any overtime period

Both rule changes were recommended by the WNBA’s Competition Committee at its meeting on Dec. 2.


About the WNBA

The WNBA – which features 12 teams and is the most successful women’s professional team sports league in the world – is a unique global sports property combining competition, sportsmanship, and entertainment value with its status as an icon for social change, achievement, and diversity.  The league, which counts Boost Mobile as its leaguewide marquee partner, concluded its 19th regular season on Sept. 13, 2015.


Through WNBA Cares, the WNBA is deeply committed to creating programs that improve the quality of life for all people, with a special emphasis on programs that promote a healthy lifestyle and positive body image, increase breast and women’s health awareness, support youth and family development, and focus on education.  For more information on the WNBA, log on to www.wnba.com.

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