Will You Be “Coming Out” for the Holidays?

Coming out is a moment to embody your true identity and celebrate the essence of you, no matter what sexuality, gender identity, or orientation! Wet for Her validates this momentous occasion and this is why they’ve included this little box of pride love to their products! What better way to celebrate and welcome someone to the LGBTQIA+ community than with a fun and lovingly curated gift? The “Coming Out” box is the perfect way to show a queer family member or friend your support in who they truly are!

Box Includes:

Set of 8 “Pride Pins”

2 pairs of “Pride Socks”

Little Book of Pride: Quotes that Inspired 50 Years of Pride

3×5 foot “Progress Flag”

Dildo Five (Small)

Also, in time for Gift Giving! Alice Derock, the owner and founder of Wet For Her (WFH) just expanded her line to now include products for Trans*, NB, intersex, and/or GNC individuals. Catch Tea! Sex toys are typically designed for cisgender men and women. But Trans*, NB, intersex, and/or GNC folks can sometimes have a difficult relationship with sex toys as very few designers produce toys specifically geared toward their bodies.

While in the past Derock has focused on being a sex toy company “by women, for women,” her mission has shifted to where it should have been all along – by us, for us. A brand created by queer people for queer people. But Derock is not interested in bringing toys that will “have to work,” she’s laser-focused on offering toys that are made FOR every member of our LGBTQIA+ community.

Her line of gender-affirming transmasculine products includes an array of FTM (female to male) packers and dildos, coordinating harnesses, and the most popular STP (stand to pee) devices on the market.

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