Who remembers ‘Dutch’?

Babeeeeeeeeeeee! Anyone who knows me knows I am READY for this one. As a fan of Terri Woods, I am super excited that her great works being turned into films. Recently, the announcement was made that one of my personal high school favorites, “Dutch” will be coming soon.

For those who may not remember, let me jog your memory. Dutch is the urban-lit classic that breaks all the rules. It introduces a player who will use any means necessary to dominate the streets-and beyond. Now Teri Woods brings you the start of her hottest series ever, where survival is the ultimate score and power is the deadliest high of all.

There isn’t an angle he can’t work or a woman he can’t seduce. And it’s taken Bernard James, Jr. aka Dutch, no time at all to turn an African drug lord’s stolen heroin business into the East Coast’s most feared drug empire. And there’s no shortage of enemies vowing to take him down, including a vengeful Mafia heir, an ambitious DA and a conscience-stricken former friend. But none of his enemies can stop what they can’t see. And Dutch has everyone right where he wants them in the end. With his life on the line, and the face of the enemy in everyone he sees, Dutch plays the game and scores a winning hand in the face of all that betrayed him. But, there is one woman Dutch just can’t resist who will shake his ice-cold control to its core. And it will be the one betrayal that he never sees coming that will put more than he ever imagined at risk.

With that said, let’s talk the film!

A Manny Halley Production has released the official trailer for the urban lit cult classic DUTCH, based on the first book of an epic trilogy by Teri Woods starring Lance Gross (“Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne”), James Hyde (“Monarca”), Tyrin Turner (“Meet The Blacks”), Isabella Ferreira (“Orange Is The New Black”), Melissa Williams (“Tyler Perry’s The Oval”), Macy Gray (“For Colored Girls”) and Jeremy Meeks, (“True to the Game 2”) with appearances by Michael Blackson (“Nobody’s Fool”), O.T. Genasis and Renny. DUTCH opens in select theaters Fall 2020.

Directed by Preston Whitmore (“This Christmas,” “True To The Game”),

DUTCH introduces us to Bernard James, Jr. aka “Dutch” (Gross), a player who will use any means necessary to dominate the streets and beyond. For Dutch, survival is the ultimate score and power is the deadliest high of all. When he gains control of an African drug lord’s stolen heroin business, Dutch quickly makes it the most feared drug empire on the East Coast. Naturally, there are plenty of armed and dangerous enemies who would love to take him down, including a vengeful Mafia heir who is also an ambitious DA and former friend.

Dutch knows that as a drug kingpin, his life is on the line which makes him paranoid. He begins to see an enemy in everyone he meets — however he still has to play the game. With his killer looks and charm, Dutch can seduce any woman he wants, but there’s one woman who he can’t resist. She will shake his ice-cold control to its core, making him risk it all for a betrayal he never saw coming.

Supporting cast include Markice Moore (“Snowfall”), Miles Stroter (“The Quad”),

Robert Costanzo (“Modern Family”) and Natasha Marc (“Ballers”).

“We really got our hands on an all-star cast,” says Manny HalleyDUTCH producer and founder of Imani Media Group. ‘DUTCH‘ is an iconic story within the urban literary genre, so we had to get every detail right — and I think we did. Fans will be looking for us to finish the trilogy with this one!”

DUTCH is written by Preston Whitmore and produced by Manny HalleyRodney Turner II and Yolanda Halley.

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