What you Selling In The Atl?

sellatl_main_image_820x460Here we go again… Another show “Selling It In The Atl” about some ladies who allegedly do something somewhere in Atl. Mind you, you know I live here and I be out in the city and I have NEVER, anyway, watch the teaser and tell me what you think.


Atlanta is booming and women are taking over the real estate game. Tensions rise as seven realtors compete to claim their stake in prime ATL properties. With clients ranging from NFL players and music industry giants to CEOs and foreign diplomats, these boss women use their business acumen and large personalities to close deals. When the Old & New South clash and alliances shift, can profits prevail over personal drama?



Atlanta is booming and women are taking over the real estate game. Tensions rise as seven realtors compete to claim their stake in prime ATL properties. With clients ranging from NFL players and music industry giants to CEOs and foreign diplomats, these boss women use their business acumen and large personalities to close deals. When the Old & New South clash and alliances shift, can profits prevail over personal drama?

Okevia has ten years of real estate experience under her belt. She survived the economic down turn and the collapse of



home value during the recession. Through it all, Okevia has learned to adapt and to multi-task. She once specialized in listing high-end homes in new suburban developments. Now, many of her clients are first-time buyers who are finally able to afford a home.

To augment her commissions, Okevia opened her own hair salon, Lux: The Salon, with her now ex-husband. For four years she’s balanced being a real estate agent with running the daily business of a salon that employs a half-a-dozen hair stylists. Okevia has found it convenient to network with her real estate clientele while they are getting their hair done. “If they can trust me with their hair, they’ll trust me with their home.”

In addition to juggling two very different careers, Okevia is raising two teenage sons. She says her ex-husband, who was her high school sweetheart, has been a great partner in co-parenting their children. Now she’s ready to get out and start dating for the first time in 15 years.



Tahlia got a taste for real estate at an early age, watching and learning from her father who flipped homes in Atlanta. She originally started her career in property management but she quickly tired of the routine 9-5 lifestyle. Always independent and entrepreneurial, Tahlia earned her real estate license in 2008. With the mortgage bubble burst and resulting economic recession, she entered the real estate business at the worst possible time. But Tahlia prevailed, learning to network and build relationships with clients.

As a result of her ability to network, connect and her natural ability to take a really great photo – Tahlia has found it easy to connect with rappers and athletes. She has specialized in finding high-dollar leases for musicians making albums in Atlanta. Now, she’s aggressively finding investment opportunities for professional athletes who are looking to purchase and flip homes in the ever-expanding Atlanta market.

Tahlia is currently living with her boyfriend, LaKyle.


Sarah originally hails from Macon, Georgia where she grew up with a traditional southern upbringing. She’s turned her



natural southern charm into a successful sales skill in the Atlanta real estate market. Sarah caters to a primarily upscale clientele in the exclusive and upscale neighborhoods of Buckhead and Sandy Springs.

Ever aware of the exciting and changing dynamic of the city, Sarah is now also making deals in neighborhoods seeing a resurgence along the Beltline redevelopment project. The Beltline is currently the largest city public works project in America. It is bringing together dozens of Atlanta neighborhoods with walking trails and public transportation along the old rail lines that used ring the city.

Sarah is in the process of preparing to take her brokerage exam so she can be licensed to have other real estate agents work under her. She is a single mom who knows that the best way to provide for her daughter is to keep the commission checks coming in!




A’lana originally hails from Mississippi. She exhibited a unique and empowering drive at a very young age. So much so that she graduated high school at the tender age of 15. A’lana attended the University of Southern Mississippi where she earned both a BA and MA in Criminal Justice. She was on the fast-track to a career in law enforcement when she decided to tap into her entrepreneurial spirit. She earned her Georgia Real Estate license in 2001 and started several businesses. In addition to her independent real estate brokerage, Opulent Real Estate Services, she owns and operates a concierge company called “Diva At Your Service” and an online hair extension boutique called “Hair Spot Extensions.”

A’lana is always paying attention to trends in real estate. She’s been very active as the state of Georgia has become the Hollywood of the South. She’s worked with celeb clients including T.I., Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry. Now, A’lana is tapped into the new money coming from the African continent looking to invest in Atlanta real estate.

A’lana says she’s so busy building up her portfolio, she doesn’t have time for any man who can’t keep up. But, as a single mom and entrepreneur she goes out of her way to make time for her two children and her dog, Pepper.

There’s a good reason why Chrishena is a major player in the new high-rise skyline of downtown Atlanta: she brings a bit



of a Big Apple attitude. When she was growing up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Chrishena’s dad used to flip properties and her mom, Bernice, specialized in NYC condo deals for 15 years.

Chrishena attended the prestigious Dwight School where Paris Hilton was briefly one of her classmates. She went on to attend Marymount Manhattan College where she earned a BA in Communication Arts. After college Chrishena spent time working at CNN Financial news and in radio. Before moving to Atlanta in 2007, Chrishena lived in both Miami Beach and Los Angeles.

It was during the real estate mortgage bubble of 2007 that Chrishena earned her chops as a specialist in Atlanta’s high-rise condo real estate. She weathered the market when it burst and has been a major force in helping Atlanta’s Midtown and Downtown see a solid resurgence in value. Today, Chrishena is known for her new construction condo saavy. She foresees Atlanta one day having a skyline to rival that of Manhattan.

Chrishena’s brokerage includes her mother, who is an Atlanta native, and is tapped into more of the “old money” estate properties. Chrishena has a boyfriend who splits his time between Canada and Atlanta. In her spare time, Chrishena is active in social causes including animal welfare, Habitat for Humanity and local Atlanta Arts and Culture. She has two dogs named Max and Buddy.



Gwen was born in NYC and moved to California in 1991 where she lived for almost 6 years. In 1999 she relocated to Atlanta. She has 16 years of real estate experience in the Atlanta market. She caters to high-end residential luxury homes and new construction. Three years ago, Gwen left real estate behind to sell luxury cars.

Recently, Gwen’s come to the realization that she needs to get back into the real estate business so she has unrestricted income potential and more flexible hours. Gwen’s a divorced mother of three teenage boys.






#SellingItATL VIP Premiere Party Recap, Show Feedback, and More!

(Recap By: OnGiselleAve.com)

Last night was filled with lights, cameras, and action thanks to the celebration of Atlanta’s Newest Reality TV show, Selling It in the ATL on WeTV ! The show features an inside glimpse into the life of a Real Estate agent in the competitive Metro Atlanta Housing Market. Everyone hears about how your money goes much further in the South, but most people aren’t exactly sure what this looks like in reality. This show will provide viewers with an intimate experience of what it’s like to buy, sell, and flip property in Atlanta.

While the Metro Atlanta Population boasts about 4 million people— and growing– one must wonder, where do all these people live? How is Atlanta accommodating the new influx of residents, and how can I (viewers) get in the mix? It is a seller’s market and the time to buy is now. The battle between the New South and Old South continues as these women go above and beyond for their fair share.


The cast is made of seven dynamic women with vibrant personalities: Jae, Okevia, Tahlia, Sarah, A’lana, Chrishena, and Gwen. Each cast member was present last night as they made their debut on the big screen. One thing I noticed about the cast is the versatility of each cast member.

Okevia, is a salon owner, in addition to being in real estate. Sarah represents the perspectives of the Old South and deals with a more focused customer, white people with old money. Tahlia is the firecracker of them all, and uses her “goods” to do whatever necessary to close deals. Although she made no mention of what she uses… she made it clear that she doesn’t go too far. ***side eye. Jae, is young and ready to get her foot in the door as a realtor, and learns the ropes from A’lana. Which brings me to my next point– this is Atlanta, A’lana rocks fierce colored tresses, and dropped an F-bomb during the first episode.. Aye, turn up though! Gwen is a more seasoned realtor and has recently decided to come back on the scene. Then Chrishena, gives a total NYC vibe, and her relationship with her mother is admirable.


  1. Atlanta Real Estate is BOOMIN. — The show will be both informing and entertaining. It reminds me of House Hunters, and the insight on the emerging neighborhoods around Atlanta is very helpful! If you’re thinking about buying here, this show gives you a road map.
  2. No drama, yet. — It’s the first episode, I’ll wait on it.
  3. Character Differences– Love the diversity, curious to see how the storyline will evolve.
  4. No Real Housewives Here, All Single Cast? Boyfriends don’t count! (in this context). Okevia is divorced, and she commends her ex-husband on his co-parenting skills… but no wives on this show. Could it be the life/career balance? I digress..
  5. Old Money vs. New Money– This is still the south. Sarah brings a frank attitude about the power of old money, but she wants in on the new money. A’lana, on the other hand, wants a taste of Old Money deals.




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