Was Almondmilkhunni “Mean To You?”

My boo Almondmilkhunni is back at it!

“Mean To You” offers a touching, emotional side of the TK-year-old singer, its lo-fi video studded with Easter eggs that wink at Almondmilkhunni’s prior relationships for eager fans ready to dissect every scene. The track is intimate, sensual, and mature—“I can be sweet but you like when I’m mean to you,” she sings with a cheeky smile.

Her last single “damnboy”— a dreamy wish-fulfillment of a song that begs for an equal partner and not a savior perfectly represents Almondmilkhunni’s years of hustle and hard work, the blood, sweat, and tears that she put into working in pursuit of making a successful, independent life for herself. Almondmilkhunni and her female partner-in-crime during their Thelma and Louise-style romp through the desert, complete with greaser cars, piles of cash, and seedy motels. Instead of casting a male lead, Almondmilkhunni chose a hot femme fatale- representing her own bisexuality. With support from Billboard, FLAUNT, HollywoodLife, (& more) and streaming partners’ top playlists, Almondmilkhunni is just getting started and ready for you to buckle up and Enjoy The Ride in 2021.

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