Waka going Hard In The Paint (On The Label)

WAKA-FLOCKA-FLAME-main-pub-photo-Reid-RollsNow you know, er since Wayne did it er body wants to attack the Label. Earlier this year Waka Flocka expressed his frustrations with Atlantic Records over the delay of his upcoming album, Flockaveli 2. In the tweet, Waka claimed Atlantic was holding back the album and refused to let him buyout of his contract with the label. Now just months later it looks as if history is repeating itself, as Waka released a series of angry tweets calling out Atlantic Records once again.

“I f***ing hate my label, ” Waka began. ‘Labels don’t do s*** for the artist #FACTS Labels don’t invest #FACTS Labels hire a bunch of amateurs to keep cost down #FACTS. The first thing the label asked after I got shot is — ‘can you go to the studio.’ From that day forward I knew my label didn’t care I’m just another dollar sign #GetChaMoneyYoungN****.” The “Workin'” rapper then proceeded to explain the business behind music politics and why it takes an artist or band so long to release their first single. “Furthermore, high executive turnover and frequent management ‘purges’ at large record companies can often delay or even derail a recording project indefinitely, leaving artists in the lurch. #UnderstandLife.”

All of the tweets regarding Atlantic are no longer on his page. View his entire rant in the gallery.


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