Vanessa Silberman Releases “Something to Believe in”

Vanessa Silberman

New  York-based (via LA), lesbian Alt grunge/singer-songwriter, Vanessa Silberman, dubbed the “DIY queen” and “nothing less than a super human,”‘ by Audiofemme, announces her animated,  “Something to Believe in”, the seventh single in a series of monthly singles to come out in 2020, via A Diamond Heart Production / Success Records through Symphonic Distribution). Drawing inspiration from anthemic rock, grunge, and raw punk, and exploring mixed elements of pop and hip hop production,  ‘Something To Believe In’ is more about capturing the emotion of moody  melodies and mysterious feelings then being so direct. Lyrically it touches on finding light in dark places and changing perspectives. The song was inspired by the blues, alternative artists, the south as well as westerns (film) mixed with dark but hopeful musical undertones. ‘Something To Believe In’ along with the other new material is all self-produced, engineered, programmed, performed, played, mixed and  mastered by Vanessa with additional creative input / drum consulting by Ryan Carnes. The song features moody melodies that conjure up mysterious feelings, while lyrically, it focuses on finding light in darkness, and changing one’s perspective. Completely self-produced, engineered, performed, played, mixed, and mastered, the track takes its inspiration from the blues, southern music, and classic western films.”  

“A song that celebrates emotion, ‘Something to Believe In’ revels in moody melodies and mysterious feelings, creating a stark, visceral atmosphere that everyone will be able to relate to. Lyrically, the song touches on finding light in dark places and changing perspectives, offering a perfect balance between deep personal moments and true universal understanding.” (Broken 8 Records)

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