Uncle Meg “Freak Like A Model”

“Freak Like A Model,” features Uncle Meg and muse/model, Clara Rae in Uncle’s hometown of Charleston, West Virginia. Kat Skaff, Uncle’s sister, shot the entire video under Uncle’s direction. Locations feature the Skaff’s grandmother’s house, her house helper relaxing on the couch, and the abandoned house across the street by the Kanawha River that has been for sale for nearly ten years. This light-hearted love song is about Uncle Meg’s first moments of falling in love with Clara Rae. The video is about finding someone who understands you and your quirks even if the outside world doesn’t.
Uncle Meg aka Meg Skaff has received praise from Nylon, who called her song “Uncle Freestyle” “a rapid-fire anthem for not giving a fuck” and Bitch says “it seems like the rhythm of rap comes naturally to her. Her normal inflection emphasizes the backbeat, the second and fourth syllables of her words, and she’s able to spit out lyrics with enviable speed, as the track ‘Angel Dust’ makes clear.”
Uncle Meg is a West Virginian born, Brooklyn-based rapper best known for her videos and lyrics in the all female Hip-Hop trio-Hand Job Academy. UncleMeg’s visual & lyrical talent have been featured in New York Magazine, NYLON, LA Weekly, Instagrammed by Taylor Swift, Good Morning America, & many more. You can watch all of Uncle Meg’s music videos onYouTube & listen to all her music on Soundcloud. OR you can catch Uncle Meg and the whole crew on their web series Do What You Want Always.
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