Tyson Anthony & Henderson Maddox “About Him” Extended Trailer

The hardest transition a man can make is telling himself the truth about his sexuality. There is a period when you find yourself “jumping the fence” figuring out what exactly pleases you. This period of your life when you are searching for yourself you usually end up finding love first. A love that results in the creation of who you are. Signal 23 Television, Director Henderson Maddox, and Author Tyson Anthony have worked hard to capture this moment on film.12509525_564861283664012_1329034687720788194_n

The project tells the story of Damien. A young man that finds himself discombobulated and alone. Damien’s focus is all on him. Every thought. Every action. Its all about him. The role of Damien introduces Brandon Karson, a spectacular new talent that the world has been waiting for. The series also features budding young actors Darone Okolie and Gary Lavard. Okolie plays Marion the older brother with a fiery presence while Lavard has a breakout performance as Marion’s best friend Vincent.

The new scripted series About Him is a “seriously sexy drama”. “ We all know that as young men no matter what your sexual orientation is, everything is usually about sex. The series made sure that it stayed true to the intense passion that is infamous with a Tyson Anthony novel.

About Him has been trending in the digital world as a result of the release of three short teasers that are as hot as they are heart-wrenching. Combined they have gained a combination of around 100k views within two weeks. These teasers have not been just selling sex, but mind-blowing sex as the audience and the character Damien are teased by none other than Vincent. Gary Lavard is sure to break the internet with some of his unforgettable catch phrases, rock hard abs and bad boy ways in the role of Vincent.

The story is the brain child of writer Tyson Anthony. His novel of the same title is filled with erotic moments that would have anyone finding themselves beyond arousal. However when Maddox and Tyson teamed up they knew they had to make this series more than the exploitation of attractive young men. Director Henderson Maddox also a writer is know for telling heart-breaking stories full of compelling plots.

After weeks of brainstorming, he introduced the idea of adding another voice to the show. A series that influenced the director’s career was “The Wonder Years”. In the series the audience follows the young character Damien with the guidance of narration of the older version of himself. You automatically connect with the character no matter where you are in life because you get the older mature him as well as the younger naive version. After nicknaming the series the “gay wonder years” Maddox knew it was not done, there was one more thing it needed. “I got it, we are going to set it in the 90’s” Tyson remembered Maddox sending through facebook messenger in the wee hours of the morning.

1458637_557548917728582_5881685895476286196_nAfter Tyson penned the narration of Damien he passed the reigns over to Maddox to doctor on it. He included things like the OJ Simpson trail, Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and the death of one of his favorite icons Tupac. Together the two have created something that will not only captivate their audience but it will also heal a lot of wounds that we find in the gay community.

The first season will introduce the three main characters and the dynamic of their relationship which all happens the summer before Damien goes off to his first year at college. The series also features actors Sir Brodie, Tasia Grant, Tripp Ali, and singing sensation Rahim Brazil. The series is being produced by Atlanta Dream Team Productions in association with the Jones Sisters. Although the series will debut on Youtube via Maddox’s Signal 23 TV, everyone involved is hoping for major distribution. “ We are going to get the first season out, perfect the show, building an amazing fan base, and aim for a season 2 debut with association of a major network or media platform”, explained Kimberly Jones of The Jones Sisters. The series will host a few private premieres throughout February with stops in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Dallas, D.C, Nashville, and Atlanta all before the first episode drops on February 29th at midnight standard eastern standard time. For more info on the series follow the Facebook fan page at www.facebook.com/abouthimseries or Instagram @AboutHimTheSeries.

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