Twerk into Shape at Atlanta’s Pink Poles Dance Studio!

Group of attendees pose for a quick photo before their class.

It’s no secret Atlanta is home to the most notable dancers and adult night clubs worldwide. Atlanta has always been known for its over the top dancers and clubs and Tia Harris the CEO of “Pink Poles Dance Studios” launched her brand originally looking to cash into that nightlife audience. It was then Tia noticed that pole fitness and dancing can be used for strictly embracing your sexuality, enhancing your figure or weightloss journey, and to simply enjoy a night out with the girls! Tia then refocused her marketing and strategy to connect with the cities TOP poling instructors, college girls, corporate business women, and the stay at home moms looking to lose a few pounds. Pink Poles Studio has been featured on VH1, Sheen Magazine, plus more! Pink Poles most notable classes were hosted by Mizhani Movement a previous dancer, now pole instructor and celebrity classes with Yandy Smith and Alexis Skyy.

Pink Poles Dance Studio is home to the $10 Twerk and Pole Classes taught by some of Atlanta’s best choreographers and pole instructors. Visit the website

Pink Poles Dance Studio is a black owned business, owned and operated by a woman! Tia not only manages the studios but is also a wife and mother. The second studio opened in 2015 with the help of her husband.

Pink Poles CEO – Tia Harris

Pink Poles continues to expand the brand beyond pole fitness. Pink Poles Dance Studio has a studio in Union City, GA and Metro Atlanta. The studio also hosts private networking mixers, business brunches, and much more. Reserve your next party, networking event, or pole class at Pink Poles Dance Studio.

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