TS Madison has a raw message directed towards the African American community and Transgenders

TS Madison is a well known trans icon  who is  well known for her big personality , big jokes and even bigger love for her fans and community. Well she wasn’t too happy Thursday evening taking to her facebook page in a 17 minute video  to let well known urban blogger Sandra Rose  know exactly how she felt after seeing Rose’s blog commentary on the newest cast member to be confirmed for the hit  Bravo TV series The Real of Housewives Atlanta, Amiyah Scott who is also a trans-gendered woman who began her transition at 17 years old.

The video speaks for it’s self and TS Madison starts it off by saying that the audience would not like this particular video. and ends with asking the question that I think a lot of Americans are asking themselves too, “Does #BlackLivesMatter pertain to my life too?” Madison reminds the audience that Black Americans “weren’t even  considered a third of a person”  Madison remarked that ” You think you have the right to tell a certain group of individuals that they are destroying our country by being forced to accept the trans agenda?”  Much was said as I said it was 17 minutes  long.

Madison also reminded her viewers that we riot for #BlackLivesMatter but there have been 16 trans murders in the year 2015 alone and when a murder or assault is reported the community echos oppressive dialogue of the past that has kept African Americans from progressing.

Let’s be honest just because you hashtag it doesn’t mean every time you set foot out the door that you are being a loving, compassionate  supportive vessel in someone else life.  Some of ya’ll are mean just plain mean. Yes black people…

Watch the video to get the full tea and ponder amongst yourselves. Was TS Madison too harsh or was she just saying in a very bold way what a lot of other African Americans feel too but are just too afraid to say it.


You can find TS Madison Hinton’s  public personal profiles with the videos on her timeline



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