Too Be Frank Ep 1: “To Be OR Not To Be Frank…Lin”

This web based series is created and written by Frank Williams (BRICKS and Oxygen’s Glee Project) and directed by my good Judy Glenn Quentin (Bi the Webseries). Mind you, the only reason I agreed to watch it is because Glenn directed it and he was very proud of his work. Being the supportive friend I am I promised I would watch.

Too Be Frank is a comedy-drama that follows the life of Franklin (Frank), an African American suburbanite from Michigan who is highly addicted to social media and his iPhone. He moves to New York City after college to pursue a singing career while secretly longing to become a reality TV star. Throughout each episode, viewers hack into world of Frank’s phone, ultimately knowing the true reality versus what he conveys on social media. “Too Be Frank” will explore the pros and cons to living with an addiction to social media along with the outcomes it can have on your family, friends, narcissism, and even self-hatred.

In my opinion it a series that Frank got his friends together and said “ooh let’s shoot.” Babeeeeee, when I tell you episode 1 annoyed my whole spirit….. Why, you ask. I’m glad you asked.

  1. It’s long as heck. Why is a web-series 30 minutes.
  2. He got 68 characters in it that serve no purpose.
  3. Franklin annoys me.
  4. Framklins outfits annoy me.
  5. Franklins aunt annoys me.
  6. Franklins post annoy me.
  7. All things Franklin ANNOY me.

After I watched it, I called Glenn and told him I was going to throw up. He told me to give it a chance and at least wait for episode 2. Babeeeeee, I am so glad he told me that because episode 2 was a Ki… No shade, it was still long as life for no reason and still had 679 characters who served no purpose but babeeeeeeeee, when I tell you the new boy who Franklin meets at the club gave me my WHOLE LYFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Mind you, the aunts friend who’s a fag-hag has a boo thang who is a DL in my opinion and he is FINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE……..

True Tea, Franklin did his thing with episode 2. Him and his outfits still annoy me but I will deal to get my life from the new friend and the boo thang.

All in all #TooBeFrank gets a 5/10 from me…. Watch it and TELL ME what you think.

=> Producer/ Writer: Frank Williams
=> Director: Glenn Quentin
=> Editor / Cinematographer: K.L. Austrie

=> Starring: Frank Williams, Brian Nieh, Andre Bell, Claudia McCoy, Ann Gillespie, Professor Lindsay
=> Also Featuring: Thomas DellaMonica, Travis Demetri, Pierre Gonzalez, Jonathan Coleman, Janice Page

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