TONYB. got them “Flashing Lights” going at “2am” in the “Worst Way”

Get into the Song/Word Play… Aowwwwwwww!

TONYB. is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN. Heavily influenced by 90’s and early 2000’s R&B, he credits his range of musical and vocal dynamics to the likes of Aaliyah, D’Angelo, and Usher.

His latest endeavor is his new 18-track deluxe version of his acclaimed album Flashing Lights. Created between Nashville and Los Angeles over the last few years TONYB. has amalgamated a collection of sonic stories of coming into adulthood. TONYB. explains the overarching themes of Flashing Lights sharing, “It’s a symbol of how life is ever-changing and not everything will always be clear. Even in some of the challenging moments, even when everything is dark, you can still find the light.”

Covering an incredibly in-depth tunnel of experiences and emotions, we get an insight into the vulnerability and raw, honest truths of TONYB.. The album ranges from more dance-worthy tunes such as “Take a Loss” to more emotional, delicate songs such as “Angels.” Overall the aura of Flashing Lights is a rich soulful, alt R&B delivery, composed of stunning vocal runs and an emporium of synths, drums, and bass.

Leading single “Worst Way” is a collaboration with female artist Paris Laná. “Worst Way” was added to Spotify’s Best of 2020: Fresh Finds: The Wave (R&B) editorial playlist and has racked up close to half a million streams alone. Singing, “I want you back in the single worst way,” both artist’s vocals merge together effortlessly, combining their silky voices. “Worst Way” absorbs many sonic layers, emitting trap-like R&B claps, hi-hat heavy beats, and an underlining pulsing, deep bass. The soft popping of the synths adds a dream-like atmosphere to the tune, shimmering with so much complexity in both the lyrics, production, and structure.

Included in the deluxe album is the new single “Serious.” Featuring harp-esque flares, heavy R&B beats, and harmonic vocals, the track blurs into an all-encompassing sound. The tropical synths precipitate soft, juicy feelings while the hook is the definition of catchy. “Serious” narrates the depth of a connection, oozing with emotion and passion.

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