Today we Celebrate Dr. Sabrina McKenzie

With the world still in a financial crisis we find ourselves seeking  advice and guidance to help stay out of a financial debt to provide a healthy and mental stress free life. Atlanta’s own Dr. Pastor Sabrina McKenzie has teamed up with some of her celebrity  friends and peers in the financial space to bring education and hope to a vase audience of  people who are seeking that help. 

On March 6, 2021 from 5pm to 7pm Kingdom Marketplace Center presents “10K Families  Financial Education Marathon.” Already confirmed to attend: Inspirational speaker and Author  and NFL Star Stevie Bags, Q Parker from R&B group 112, Actor Brad James of Tyler Perry’s “For  Better or Worse”, Businesswoman and TV star and Floyd Mayweathers Girlfriend Melissa Brim,  and more to be announce. 

“There are currently 12.9 Million people who have filed unemployment during the pandemic  and the nation is hurting and we cannot wait for the government to bail us out!” states Dr.  McKenzie. 

The celebrities are sharing education, information and inspiration with the community to  provide resources that will jump start the economy and help the community to bounce back.  We believe that by sharing financial education and that eliminating credit problems allows  motivated, hardworking people to achieve financial freedom. We have the potential to change  people’s lives by educating them about the responsible use of credit and how it can be used to  build solid financial foundations for themselves and their families.

About Dr. Sabrina McKenzie: 

Dr. Sabrina McKenzie is a Women’s Rights Activist, Celebrated Pastor, Businesswoman, and  Television Personality on Bravos “In A Man’s World:’ Affectionately known as “The Dancing  Preacher”. As humanitarian and advocate for women and children, Dr. Sabrina McKenzie Co Authored and championed the “Equal Rights Amendment” legislation in the Georgia House of  Representatives in 2018 and is also the founder of several organizations designed to influence  policy and bring awareness to domestic violence. In addition, each organization and cause  strive to encourage, empower, and inspire women worldwide. 

The organizations include:

National Taskforce Against Domestic Violence

Epic Women Leadership

Georgia Domestic Violence Awareness

Celebrities Against Domestic Violence

Through her countless efforts to be a driving force of change, McKenzie has been featured in  national media platforms such as CNN, Essence, The New York Times, NBC, Rolling Out, Fox,  CBS Atlanta, and more. McKenzie will soon be announcing the official private watch party  dedicated to celebrating her journey on the show.

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