Timothy Bloom delivers an “Unforgettable” single perfect for the Season

When I tell you Timothy Bloom has set the whole mood for the season. I am ready to cuddle up and just keep this song on repeat.

Written and produced by Timothy Bloom. “Unforgettable was inspired by me never wanting to let go of the beauty that is around all us“, says Timothy. “Basking in the presence of life and immortality“, he adds. The single is available now via all streaming and downloading platforms and is lifted from his upcoming album, “IN FULL BLOOM“, to be released early 2020.

The Dove Shore directed music video was inspired by Timothy’s background and ancestry. “My parents are from Mississippi, so I wanted to take the time and honor them. The feeling was surreal, every moment had this massive energy as if they were still there. From the plantations to the city halls, where they would be hung“, mentions Bloom.

Who Is Timothy Bloom?

“The only thing that truly matters is we were sent here for a purpose,” says Timothy Bloom. “And my purpose is to do music.” It’s a common refrain delivered with uncommon conviction — there’s a weight to the alternative soul star’s words. When Timothy Bloom says something, he means it.

A two-time GRAMMY Award-winning producer and songwriter whom Simone Amelia Jordan (SiriusXM, The Source) calls “an icon in the making,” Bloom is beloved by his peers and collaborators, thanks in no small part to helping them bring their visions to new creative heights. His work with artists ranging from Ne-Yo to Smokey Robinson confirms it.

Now it’s his turn.

“I can’t just ‘write a song’ anymore,” Bloom confides. “It has to come from a true source.” As the son of preachers who honed his craft playing piano in church, it’s easy to hear the spiritual undertones in Bloom’s reverence for music, but it’s rooted in very earthly consequences. “My music has been a source of healing, of therapy,” Bloom reveals. “My demons, my struggles, these generational curses we harbor — they took a lot of spiritual healing, personal healing.”

Bloom’s forthcoming LP In Full Bloom explores the gamut of that healing process, from confronting the realities of a far-from-post-racial America to celebrating personal acceptance. Symphonic swells give way to burning guitars as Bloom ebbs and flows through a personal journey he chooses to make very public. It’s not hard to hear some of Bloom’s confessed influences, from Herbie Hancock to Jimi Hendrix to Bob Dylan. But it’s impossible to find another artist who blends them so effortlessly through his own unique filter.

“Nina Simone said it best,” Bloom says. “She said, ‘You’ve got to create for the times.’ There’s a lot going on in our world but we’re not creating for the times, you know. Everybody wants to party and just drag on. They’re drunk, they’re drugged up, they’re slapping on booties. They’re not creating magic that is, in a sense, going to make the world a better place.”

Bloom has been fortunate to not only see much of the world, but to make music throughout it as well. From his early days in a German boy band to producing music in Brazil and Jamaica. “When I was 15, Motown wanted to sign me, but my dad declined,” Bloom says. “At the time, it created agitation and resentment. When I graduated high school, I moved to Germany to be in the boy band group. I just didn’t care about anything but music at that point in time.”

Website: www.TimothyBloom.com 
Facebook: /TimothyBloom 
Instagram: @timothybloom

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