Things You Should Consider before Changing Careers

As the world is attempting to get back to normal post-pandemic, I think we have all started to ask ourselves if our current career gets our creative juices flowing? Followed by, does it make you passionate about what you do? And lastly, does it serve as more than just a paycheck? Sometimes, you may notice that something is off but you cannot point out the problem. 

Your enthusiasm levels have dropped and you spend your days dreaming of something else. This could be a sign that you are not in the right career. Being in such a position can be depressing and it can have a negative impact on your life and not just work. Here are some tell-tale signs to know if your career isn’t right for you.  

1. The Career Brings Out The Worst In You

Initially, you feel a bag of nerves with uncertainty, but now the feeling has spiraled out of control. Your insecurities have now heightened and you are beginning to feel like an imposter. You are stressed, frayed, and anxious and you get irritated easily. The feelings you have are almost impossible to ignore and you feel like the role is not for you. As you move on, it could plant self-doubt and this will worsen the situation.

In some cases, you may develop new habits to cope with such an unsuitable role. It could be excessive smoking, drinking, overeating or not eating at all. All these self-destructive patterns must be addressed quickly before it snowballs. If you begin to feel the career is not making you a better person then you need to let it go and find something that will change you for the better.

2. Your Natural Thought Process Isn’t Used

When your job messes with your thought process or does not give you an avenue to use it, it may be difficult to learn the fundamentals of the career as well as the systems that control it. For instance, if you are a creative thinker, a systemic role can confuse you because you will struggle with understanding the methodical processes. 

This will require you to be analytical and organized. Also, if you are more of a methodical thinker, a creative role may make you feel disorganized. If this is how you feel about your career, then it is time to walk away. 

3. Your Skills Are Under-utilized 

You may have spent many years in job training, gathered experience, and built skills. But are you using any of it? This is one indication that you may not be on the right career path. It can dampen your mood and discourage you from your prospects. If you do not get to use your skills, what is the point? Your skillset obtained from skill training is crucial, and it gives you the confidence and ability to attain success in your chosen career. You will know what to do and when to do it as well as how you can fully utilize your knowledge. If you are not using any of your skills, then it implies that you cannot work on them as you grow in your career. Without any improvement in your skills, they will lay dormant and this is a good reason to look elsewhere. You should continue building on your skills because it means that you are making progress.

4. You Are Not Giving 100%

When you’re passionate about your job, you will always give 100%. When you lack passion and effort, you may struggle to give half of that. When you cannot meet your quota, it throws the whole office vibe off. Your colleagues may have a hard time working with you and this will affect office productivity. If this is the case, it’s time to take a step back and find what works for you. This may even mean giving in your two weeks notice.

In conclusion, your career should be a source of satisfaction and not just a means to pay bills. When you start to feel like you are out of place, it may be time to reevaluate your place in the office. Staying put could lead to depression and in some severe cases, addiction, and other bad habits like starving yourself or eating too much. Doing what you love will make you happier and you’ll grow your skills on the job if you apply yourself properly. No need to waste time where your growth is stunted—take the big step.

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