There’s More to the Story: TS Madison, The REAL Madison

1TranS·gen·der transˈjendər,tranzˈjendər/adjective: transgender; adjective: transgendered= Denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender.

If you would have told me 6 months ago that I would be sitting here with TS Madison, I would have laughed so hard I would have cried.

Being the Social Media Guru that I am, I became aware of TS Madison, when the legendary 22 inches went viral. A Vine video that was done in pure fund would be one of the most memorable 6 seconds of her life.

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the weather in Atlanta is mild. There is a light dew that lingers from the morning hours, but nothing too major. I began my journey heading outside of the City limits with my partner in crime Chip. Chip has agreed to be my sidekick for the day as I have no idea what I am going to be in for. Up to this point TS Madison has been a face on my phone and computer screen.

After my 90 minute ride outside of Atlanta, yes gawd hunni, Mother Madison is in the sticks. I pull up to a beautiful home that sits on perfectly landscaped land. The color selection of the flowers that line the walkway force you to smile and pay attention to the all glass storm door that is trimmed in gold. The Lexus parked in the driveway next to the Grand Marquis behind the Tahoe in front of the Maxima makes you wonder who’s in the house.


DiamondKesawn and Chi Chi

As I approach the doorway you can smell a hint of cinnamon that reminds you of mother’s kitchen on a Sunday morning. I rang the bell and her assistant Chi Chi answers the door. Now hunni, Ms. Chi Chi answers the door serving you Bangy Bootz. He is dressed in his Saturday chills with his du-rag around his head. He gives you butch queen schoolboy realness. Okray!


DiamondKesawn and Dree Antonia

As we began to discuss the setup for the video recording, I am taken aback by the beautiful European Style Furniture and Antique decorative items that are placed amongst the Two Living Rooms, Huge Kitchen, Main Hallway area and the Writing Room. Babeeeeeeeeeeee, when I tell you this house is Laid like old Diana Ross Mahogany Realness. She has taken it to a level of class and exquisite taste that a person of my caliber can only desire. As Chi Chi and I finally agree on the Black and White room, he and Chip began to set up and in walks Dree Antonio. For those who don’t know, Dree Antonio is the Picasso behind the Beat Face Realness of Ms. Madison. This MAC Expert is so disrespectful with a brush that his hand have been certified 3 times Platinum. Dree Antonio beats you something so OVAH that you look at yourself 3 times and pinch your wrist just to ensure it’s not a dream. Oh, and by the way he is FINEEEEEEEEEE… I mean get your LIFE Fine. I mean Boom Kat Nick Nack make you want to Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Cat kind of Fine. It was only right that I take a pic. His Caramel skin with my Chocolate Greatness. Together we looked like a Mochaccino. LoL!


DiamondKesawn and TS Madison

117 minutes after the interview was slated to begin, did you catch that #Tea??? LoL! In walks TS Madison. She is dressed in an All White dress that looks as if it was made while she stood in it. This dress not only hugs EVERY Curve perfectly, it ever so innocently cups her bosoms and makes you acknowledge that you are in the presence of a LADY.

According to Wikipedia the day of our conversation:

“Ts Madison, sometimes presented as TS Madison, and also known as Madison Hinton[1] (born October 22, 1977) is an American entertainer and entrepreneur.

She is openly transgender, and after beginning her career as a sex worker, appeared in a variety of amateur erotic videos before forming Raw Dawgg Entertainment which produces and distributes adult transsexual materials. She has become an internet personality and has spoken out on human rights relating to the LGBT community. She has also recorded an EP and written an autobiography.”

When it comes to the Latest, Greatest and the Exclusive you get the Queen Mother herself. As we began the conversation I asked her about the term “Sex Worker.” TS Madison advised that when she first read it she got angry by the execution of choice for the word. Of all the things she has accomplished in her career this would be the first thing that they decide to showcase. As we began to discuss the matter Madison pulled out her phone and pulled up her Wikipedia page and began to dissect the information that it presented.

She began by elaborating on the wording of “After beginning her work as a Sex Worker.” Madison advised, forget “after beginning.” What about “after she Survived.” What about adjusting the statement to say “After OVERCOMING life as a Sex Worker to SURVIVE.” Madison expresses that instead of looking at it in a demeaning way, some may see it as an inspiration. She was able to overcome the life of sex work and form her own company and become a business mogul. “Look at your present and understand that it is shaping your future” advises Madison. With situations such as Sex Work, Porn, Weight, Looks, Etc people began to consider suicide. Survival is something that not many people have experienced and she believes that her past allows her to show those who may be in the same situation that it is possible to overcome your current situation and turn bad to good.

As we continued to talk I posed the question of “What was the turning point for you that caused you to step out of the world of darkness and turn it all around?” After a moment of deep reflection Madison exhaled and began, “The turning point for me was when I moved to Atlanta. I moved here with everything bad going on in my life. I was going through many things and when I got here TS Eve was an instrumental part of who I have become today. I reached out to her and told her how tired of all this I was and she told me to come up to Atlanta and she would show me how to be a better individual. Not only did she show me how to be a better individual but she showed me so many things that I owe her so much for all that she has done for me.”

“There was a time where I couldn’t see past what was going on. I remember being very sick in bed from being pumped and I said to myself “God! How did I get here? And how do I get away from it?” -Madison Hinton2014-11-17-ts

After expressing to TS Eve how much she was over it. Madison expresses that she felt like she was just walking the streets to pay the rent, pay the car note and make it day to day. After being at a point of no return having the determination to be more than her current situation is what helped her make the transition to Atlanta and walk away from it all.

During her road to redemption Madison expresses over and over again the sincere gratitude that she has for TS Eve. You can tell in her voice and the way the she expresses the thanks that TS Eve is more than just a best friend. She is truly a root in whom Madison Hinton has become. The marvelous Chateau in which we sit doesn’t reflect how Madison first arrived to Atlanta with nothing. Nothing to the point of everything fitting in 1 to 2 bags and that was all she had to her name.

After learning a new way from TS Eve, Madison expresses that Eve is Mother and she birthed a Queen. After 10 years Social Media erupted. Starting the “Is it On” in 2006 via YouTube Madison began to gain her following. After doing her normal daily life she would get on camera and be very candid. Choosing to be her and not apologize she had no concern for anyone as no one was paying her bills or sending her coin.

Madison didn’t realize that her Social Media following was so hugs until she hit the world of Vine. Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Vine changed life as she knew it. The “New Weave” Era of Madison Hinton was on and poppin and come to find out, it was totally an accident. Originally using Vine as a way to advertise her bigdi*kbit* website, it was an additional outlet to expand her brand. One day after getting a New Weave, she took SIX seconds to tell her viners about her New Weave. The moment she pressed upload it, within seconds it was a wrap.

From there Madison began to become known for her classic one liners. “Big Di*k Bit*h Dot Com” “New Weave. 22 Inches” and others lead to Insta-Fame but it also caused for Madison to be mocked on social media. Everyone began to say “she got a di*k” and using those 4 words to bash her. Instead of reacting Madison made a video saying “She got a Di*ck” and showcasing the fact that she has wood and proved to the haters that what they looked at as her flaw is what she loves the most about herself.

The jokes and laughter though enjoyed by many, lead to an out cry from the Transgender community. Madison admits that the transgender community felt that she fell into the stereotype of transgenders being called freaks and was part of the overall problem. Upon digging deeper, I learned that Madison was about her coin. No one was thinking about her when she was broke so she wasn’t thinking about them as she was getting her coin. However, Madison began to change her views when she realized she was being put into a box and people were beginning to forget her diversity of material. It was really a reality check when Madison realized that networks were offering her scripts to “coon.”

Cooning (source: Urban Dictionary)

Cooning is a verb derived from the word coon. A coon was/is a person of african descent whose sole purpose was/is to entertain white people. These ‘coons’ started out as wearing black face, characterized by having big eyes and painting big red lips on their face. These people would tap dance, play instruments and sing.

Modern day coons are blacks who play stereotypical roles and black entertainers that promote ignorance.

Cooning is someone is acting like a ‘coon’.

Madison ended up not doing the scripts as she admits they were bad, really bad. She expresses how even though they were written for and around her they weren’t meant for her. She refused to ‘coon’ for the gain of others. This incident lead to her realizing that what the transgender community was saying was true.

Madison Hinton began to clean up her act as she was ready to expand her brand and allow people to know Madison Hinton and not just TS Madison. Madison began to make videos for things she believed in which included the recent scandal of “Tranny-Gate.” People were telling Madison she wasn’t a real Trans, she was a man in a wig and many other mean things. Madison made a video which expressed that the words “Tranny” and “Ni**er” were not equal. Madison expressed that she can deal with Tranny but the ‘N’ word is No-Go.

At this point the REAL Madison showed up and she became very passionate about how for African Americans, after 400 years of oppression we within the LGBT Community are now being told that we can’t be happy to be Queer, Gay, Etc. We are made to feel like we are less than human. No longer is it just racial equality, it’s gender equality.

Madison expresses that as an African American Transgender the ones with the most to say are her own people. Her own race. Her own kind. The ones who share some of the same history choose to pass judgement on her and ridicule her for choosing to be free.

After spending time with Madison I have learned a lot. It is okay to be who you are. It is okay to be happy to be you. Madison is refusing to apologize for who she is and to prove it, she has taken to the booth and has music to let it be known.

Link in and Press Play to see the Interactive Video with The Queen herself, Madison Hinton.


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