There’s a New Stallion on the Scene! LGBT Rapper Stallion drops “Trapped In The Cattle”

Social Media #MCM, Rapper, and “The Come Up Atlanta” Season 2 cast member Stallion is making waves with the recent release of his project entitled, “Trapped In The Cattle.

Trapped In The Cattle is a project that is perfect for the turn up. The beats bang, Stallion delivers lyrics that many can relate to and all you can do is turn the volume up and vibe out. For the record, “FYM” is my anthem!

Stream “In The Cattle” Here

Stallion is a New Rapper In LGBT community starting about a year ago he released his first track with zay Rari & he’s been trying and working to improve his craft. Unlike Other LGBT artists stallion puts his struggles and ratchetness spin on to his music mixed with a few sad songs as he proves to be a rebel to society. He doesn’t want to follow the rules because it’s separating the world from everybody else that’s why so much division in our communities today. Stallion is also on a popular YouTube show called The Come Up: Atlanta On the Geminifilmz YouTube Channel. The Season 2 debut episode premiered Aug 15th and the fans have been talking ever since. Catch up and tune in as New Episodes premiere every Thursday @ 7 pm EST.

Who Is Stallion?

Stallion: A Creation Of The Past, Present, & Future. He goes through different out of body changes as he was born a time traveler. A time traveler who eventually gets caught up from changing history, being rebellious, & Not Following Any Rules Whatsoever. Stallion then gets put away where he’s located on an island by himself where he cannot be moved. HES NOW TRAPPED IN THE CATTLE.

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