The Time is NOW: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

November 20th 2015

MV5BOTk3MjIyMjkwNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDE2MDQ2NjE@._V1__SX1347_SY653_Realizing the stakes are no longer just for survival, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) teams up with her closest friends, including Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Gale (Liam Hemsworth) and Finnick for the ultimate mission. Together, they leave District 13 to liberate the citizens of war-torn Panem and assassinate President Snow, who’s obsessed with destroying Katniss. What lies ahead are mortal traps, dangerous enemies and moral choices that will ultimately determine the future of millions. (Photo Gallery available at the bottom of the page)

Release date: November 20, 2015 (USA)


Natalie Dormer Natalie Dormer
Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence
Elizabeth Banks Elizabeth Banks
Julianne Moore Julianne Moore
Jena Malone Jena Malone
Gwendoline Christie Gwendoline Christie
Sam Claflin Sam Claflin
Josh Hutcherson Josh Hutcherson
Liam Hemsworth Liam Hemsworth
Robert Knepper Robert Knepper
Philip Seymour Hoffman Philip Seymour Hoffman
Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson
Stanley Tucci Stanley Tucci
Michelle Forbes Michelle Forbes
Lt. Jackson (District 13)
Donald Sutherland Donald Sutherland
Elden Henson Elden Henson
Willow Shields Willow Shields
Sue-Lynn Ansari Sue-Lynn Ansari
District 8
Toby Jones Toby Jones
Evan Ross Evan Ross
Mahershala Ali Mahershala Ali
Jeffrey Wright Jeffrey Wright
Wes Chatham Wes Chatham
Meta Golding Meta Golding
Patina Miller Patina Miller
Stef Dawson Stef Dawson
Omid Abtahi Omid Abtahi
Jason Lyke Jason Lyke
Stephanie Tyler Jones Stephanie Tyler Jones
Citizen Runner (as Stephanie Jones)
Eugenie Bondurant Eugenie Bondurant
Joe Chrest Joe Chrest
Michael Entrekin Michael Entrekin
Cameron Brinkman Cameron Brinkman
Melissa Chandler Melissa Chandler
Kate Rachesky Kate Rachesky
Capitol Kid
Brandon Cyrus Brandon Cyrus
District 13 Civilian
Gary Sievers Gary Sievers
District 7 Rebel
Elle Graham Elle Graham
Girl in Lemon Yellow Coat
Thomas Blake Jr. Thomas Blake Jr.
Rebel Guard
Izzy Fenech Izzy Fenech
Capitol Kid
Rachel Lawley Rachel Lawley
District 7 Rebel
Kim Ormiston Kim Ormiston
Leeg 2
Jeff Glover Jeff Glover
Lumberjack (as Jeff Matthew Glover)
Misty Ormiston Misty Ormiston
Leeg 1
Ashley Hollins Ashley Hollins
Citizen Runner
Ryan Stanley Ryan Stanley
Phil Armijo Phil Armijo
Danny M. Gray Danny M. Gray
District 13 Command Center
Sailor Larocque Sailor Larocque
Parakeet Woman
Alyssa Riley Burrell Alyssa Riley Burrell
Capitol Girl
Grace Hartsfield Grace Hartsfield
Jae Bireley Jae Bireley
Benjamin Fenn Benjamin Fenn
Molly Evensen Molly Evensen
Contra Dancer
Dominyck McCargo Dominyck McCargo
District 11 Rebel
Livi Fenech Livi Fenech
DuRa Brown DuRa Brown
District 13 Soldier
Levi Krevinghaus Levi Krevinghaus
District 7 Rebel Guard
Kyle Viveiros Kyle Viveiros
District 13 Soldier
Michelle Hernandez Michelle Hernandez
District citizen
Dezirae Teal Dezirae Teal
Capitol Woman
Karlena Haase Karlena Haase
Capitol Girl
Jessica Paidge Jessica Paidge
Chandler Dollahite Chandler Dollahite
Agnes Thi-Mai Agnes Thi-Mai
Combat Commander, District 13
Matt Hay Matt Hay
Jessica Padgett Jessica Padgett
Capitol Citizen / Young Mother
Jasmine Ahnie Jasmine Ahnie
District 8 Hospital Patient (uncredited)
Kati Akins Kati Akins
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Evan D. Anderson Evan D. Anderson
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Alexander Araya López Alexander Araya López
District 13 Soldier (uncredited)
De'Marco Arrington De’Marco Arrington
Rebel Kid (uncredited)
Trevor Bagwell Trevor Bagwell
Capitol Kid (uncredited)
Preston Baker Preston Baker
District 13 Guard (uncredited)
Jonathan Billions Jonathan Billions
Capitol Boy (uncredited)
Samuel L. Billions Samuel L. Billions
Capitol Boy (uncredited)
William David Billions William David Billions
Capitol Boy (uncredited)
Sarah Blackman Sarah Blackman
Mom of Girl in Yellow Coat (uncredited)
Austin Bollinger Austin Bollinger
Military Rebel (uncredited)
Bradley Bowen Bradley Bowen
C151 Capitol Resident (uncredited)
Dante Briggins Dante Briggins
Peacekeeper (uncredited)
Stephen Mackenzie Brown Stephen Mackenzie Brown
District 13 Soldier (uncredited)
Robert Byron Robert Byron
District 5 Rebel (uncredited)
Phil Cappadora Phil Cappadora
Citizen B (uncredited)
John M. Carpenter John M. Carpenter
Peacekeeper / District 13 Soldier (uncredited)
Sandhya Chandel Sandhya Chandel
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Marshall Choka Marshall Choka
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Charles William Cook Charles William Cook
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Kirk Crenshaw Kirk Crenshaw
Peacekeeper (uncredited)
Greg Crews Greg Crews
Peacekeeper (uncredited)
Courtney Dietz Courtney Dietz
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Francis Dobrisky Francis Dobrisky
District 7 Rebel (uncredited)
Garrett H. Dumas Garrett H. Dumas
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Jacklyn Edney Jacklyn Edney
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Jason Lee Erickson Jason Lee Erickson
Lumberjack Rebel (uncredited)
Micky Francis Micky Francis
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
William Frasca William Frasca
Capitol Aristocrat (uncredited)
Marco Fuller Marco Fuller
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Joshua Geckles Joshua Geckles
District 5 Rebel (uncredited)
Chelsey Gentry Chelsey Gentry
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Curtis Gordon Curtis Gordon
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Roderick Green Roderick Green
District 11 Military Rebel (uncredited)
David Hallyday David Hallyday
Guard (uncredited)
Robert Hatch Robert Hatch
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Roy Hawkins Jr. Roy Hawkins Jr.
Peacekeeper (uncredited)
Rory Healy Rory Healy
Military Rebel (uncredited)
Lauren Henneberg Lauren Henneberg
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Sarah Turner Holland Sarah Turner Holland
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Sean Householder Sean Householder
Power Rebel (uncredited)
Raiden Integra Raiden Integra
District 11 Rebel (uncredited)
John Jaret John Jaret
Timpani Drummer (uncredited)
Clay Jeffries Clay Jeffries
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Katie Hartmann Katie Hartmann
Capitol Resident (uncredited)
Hannah Keeterle Hannah Keeterle
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Jesse Kindred Jesse Kindred
District 13 Systems Operator (uncredited)
Nathan J Kress Nathan J Kress
Lumberjack Rebel (uncredited)
Kenley Krey Kenley Krey
Capitol Kid (uncredited)
Evlin Lake Evlin Lake
Capitol Woman (uncredited)
Roy Larsen Roy Larsen
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Tobias Lauterberg Tobias Lauterberg
Extra (uncredited)
Phillip Troy Linger Phillip Troy Linger
Katniss’s Father (uncredited)
Jean Christophe Loustau Jean Christophe Loustau
Peacekeeper (uncredited)
Luke Loveless Luke Loveless
Capital Kid (uncredited)
Jasmine Lowe Jasmine Lowe
Capitol Woman / District 8 Rebel (uncredited)
Corey Maher Corey Maher
District 13 General Bogg’s Guard (uncredited)
Lucky Mangione Lucky Mangione
District 13 Rebel (uncredited)
Kenneth Manos Kenneth Manos
Bogg’s Security (uncredited)
Trey McGriff Trey McGriff
Capitol Resident (uncredited)
Brigham McNeely Brigham McNeely
District 8 Rebel (uncredited)
Taylor McPherson Taylor McPherson
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Mark Jeffrey Miller Mark Jeffrey Miller
District Four Officiant (uncredited)
Kayla Moore Kayla Moore
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Roger Neal Roger Neal
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Justin Parks Justin Parks
Capitol Twin (uncredited)
Brayden Patterson Brayden Patterson
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Michael J. Patterson Michael J. Patterson
D-11 Citizen (uncredited)
Darla Perez Darla Perez
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Zane Pittman Zane Pittman
Peacekeeper (uncredited)
Lou Ravelli Lou Ravelli
Capitol Girl (uncredited)
Scytorya Rhodes Scytorya Rhodes
D-11 Citizen (uncredited)
Lilly Roberson Lilly Roberson
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Emma Elle Roberts Emma Elle Roberts
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Christabelle Rose Christabelle Rose
District 5 Rebel (uncredited)
Nancy Sandlin Nancy Sandlin
District 5 Rebel (uncredited)
Sandra Tauro Sandra Tauro
Chris Theisinger Chris Theisinger
District 13 Combat Security (uncredited)
Josh Tippey Josh Tippey
Nuclear Technician (uncredited)
Ikia Walker Ikia Walker
Fabric Rebel (uncredited)
Kathy Walton Kathy Walton
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Bailee Watters Bailee Watters
District 13 Citizen / Runner (uncredited)
Grace Marie Williams Grace Marie Williams
Capitol Citizen (uncredited)
Erick Wofford Erick Wofford
District 5 Rebel (uncredited)
Ilia Wolfe Ilia Wolfe
Capitol Kid (uncredited)
Aja Wooldridge Aja Wooldridge
Capitol Kid (uncredited)
Ashton Lee Woolen Ashton Lee Woolen
District 13 Rebel (uncredited)
Alexander Yassin Alexander Yassin
District 13 Citizen (uncredited)
Jessica Yoshimura Jessica Yoshimura
D 13 Contra Dancer (uncredited)
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