The Queen Of House Music… Veronica Brown

Get ON UP and DANCE… The iconic Queen of 90’s HOUSE MUSIC  VERONICA BROWN has just reissued her classic HOUSE DANCE HITS! The tracks on the new EP contain the best of her classic songs along with some new ones that are sure to be Turntable Hits and added to the dance anthems we love.  So just dance til dawn under the spinning mirrorball; the pulsating beats will take you back to the height of House Music with the disco infused vocal prowess Veronica belts out. 

Listen to the new EP here 


Detroit native, Veronica was raised in a home filled with music. Her father, a minister, and singer was known at the time for his high vocal range and was a member of The Mighty Midsouth Singers, a popular gospel group that traveled extensively in the region and had several hit songs. But it wasBrown’s mother, a talented vocalist in her own right that she attributes her distinctive tone. “It’s so interesting but my father had a higher voice and my mom instead had the more sultry, lower voice;so I get that from her. But they taught us all to sing. For me and my seven brothers and sisters,that’s all we knew to do was sing,” remembers Brown. With all that musical talent in one household, Veronica still stood out. With Brown’s father getting to sing professionally and her mother having to stay home, she proudly carries the torch of both of her parents’ legacies through her music career. She also counts artists like Aretha Franklin (whom she’s had the pleasure to work with), Rance Allen, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, TheStaple Singers, The O’Jays, The Temptations, and The Silver Hearts as musical influences that helped shape her dynamic musical style.  For More information make sure to check out her website.

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