The New Way to Survive!

Functional beverage brand, BevPax introduces Survive Isotonic Electrolyte Drink, making hydration and performance healthy, tasty, and economical.

 A priority for athletes and active people, Survive Isotonic is packed with electrolytes for hydration, energy, and physical performance.

Survive isn’t just a beverage brand, it’s fuel for the people who want to live better, feel stronger and enhance their lifestyle with drinks that match their drive. Survive Isotonic is the latest drink developed to power up the body with a positive punch of electrolytes that provide hydration, energy and improved physical performance for your fitness routine.

For a fresh and refreshing start of the year, the Survive Isotonic will be sold in 29.5-ounce (750mL) bottles made from PET for on-the-go convenience and will be available at Dollar Tree stores. In a new partnership with Plastic Bank, BevPax is offsetting its PET production by sponsoring the collection of 240,500 pounds of plastic from vulnerable coastal areas before the plastic reaches the oceans. As a 2022-20223 sponsor of the global program, BevPax commits to reducing waste with a goal of 5,454,550 plastic bottles.

A more affordable option than other fruit-flavored electrolyte drinks and with more inside, Survive Isotonic comes in bestselling fruit punch, orange and Ice Blue flavors for just $1.25 MSRP. Not only does it work harder for our bodies, it tastes better, too – helping break time feel more empowering with every sip. Survive’s other drinks include H20 Black Alkaline Water, Enhanced Vitamin Water, Survive Prebiotic Sodas, Survive satchels, and Functional Tonics.

Survive Isotonic will be launched nationally at Dollar Tree Stores in July 2023.

 For more information about Survive, visit BevPax online and on Instagram.

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