The MCM of the Month: LarryTreyvon

It’s no secret that Social Media is such a huge part of our lives. The influence that some of the celebrities and socialites have over their fans is amazing. One of the most trending things that I love is Monday’s and the notorious “#MCM.” Every week, I tune in to see who turns up where.

Recently, during a #MCM scroll spree, I came across LarryTreyvon. Good Gawd! When I tell you my whole world came to a halt. His smooth brown skin reminded me of a perfectly made Reece’s Cup. Chile he was looking so perfect, I think I caught a cavity.

I reached out to him to see if he would be down for a spotlight and he said YES. Babeeeeeeeeeeeeee, when this man ever popped up in my emails… I think my email inbox tapped me and said, “Is He Real?” LarryTreyvon is my #RAmag #MCM of the Month!

To his closet friends, students, and peers Larry Cooper has been known as the “Celfie King”. Snapping pictures every time the moment arises.

Born and raised in the heart of Washington D.C, passionately co-teaching students since 2013. From working a full time job teaching to a part time job in retail and little (well somewhat big) gigs. Being on a popular YouTube series called “BoyDrama” playing the role as Isaiah and traveling to do fashion shows Larry Cooper has built a name for himself. Some who may know him from social media would really think his name is Larry Treyvon or Treyvon. Hard work and dedication has always been something install within himself.

Starting in his junior year 2007-08 of Oxon Hill High school Larry Treyvon then became interested in fashion shows and modeling. Helping his school and modeling team N.G.M (New Generation Models) win over several first place trophies, even after his graduation in 2009. Joining other urban modeling companies in the DMV area. Such as M.O.D Models of Destruction, Models INC, to lastly LLE LLiving LLegends Evolved. Getting older Larry Treyvon was ready to step into something more serious but wasn’t sure of the direction he wanted to go in so he stopped modeling and took some time off to get focus on school. Larry Treyvon then enrolled himself into the Art Institute of Philadelphia studying photography. To then, being asked to shoot for fashion shows, photo shoots, and small landscape photos, but that still didn’t satisfy him. That then led up to Larry dropping out of college. Moving back home to Washington, D.C making work his main focus.

Summer 2013 Larry Treyvon then sat down with BoyDrama producer, director, and lead cast member DonBon (Donte’ Booker) to discuss a role within his up and coming YouTube project. Giving the role of Isaiah, an abusive boyfriend to Justin and best friend to Jacob (in which you discover in later episodes). As well as doing some behind the scene shooting Larry then started getting a little fan base. Over the years Isaiah character developed from a supporting role to a main cast member causing his storyline to change.  Three (3) years later BoyDrama has become a popular YouTube show with a supporting audience who’s always left asking for more via all social media outlets.

With teaching, filming, and traveling Larry Treyvon, is a believer in work hard and play harder. Quite the eye candy on social media, Larry Treyvon is opening to sharing his life with the world.

Larry Treyvon on Instagram


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