“The Jane Doe Murders”


Oxygen takes it to another level giving a name to the nameless.

Oxygen, the destination for high-quality crime programming, exposes the eye-opening world of forensic investigation in the two-hour specialThe Jane Doe Murders on Sunday, January 3, at 7 pm ET/PT. In the United States alone, there are nearly 40,000 open cases in which the victim of a violent crime remains unidentified and loved ones are never returned to their families. These victims are called Jane or John Doe, and they become cold cases. There can be no justice for them or their families—but one Jane Doe gets a second look that changes everything. 

In Oxygen’s gripping special The Jane Doe Murders,” Yolanda McClary, a renowned forensic specialist and former Las Vegas crime investigator who specializes in the recovery of DNA, has made it her mission to help give Jane Does their names back. Using groundbreaking new forensic technology and DNA databases, Yolanda and her team of genealogists set out to help local law enforcement solve a murder case from 23 years ago and reveal the identity of a woman left for dead in the remote woods of Polk County, Oregon. With nothing but bones, Yolanda works feverishly to piece together what happened and potentially uncover clues that can help open new roads in the case.

The Jane Doe Murders is produced by MY Entertainment with Michael Yudin, Joe Townley, Mark Marabella, and Yolanda McClary serving as executive producers.

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