“The Hunger Games: The Phenomenon” 11/12/2015

MV5BMTYwMDk2ODY4OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzM1OTM5NTE@._V1__SX1347_SY653_“This is a terrific opportunity for ‘The Hunger Games’ fans to get an extensive sneak peek behind-the-scenes of the movie, which we know they are eagerly anticipating,” said Lara Kazandjian, Executive Vice President, Media for Theatrical Marketing, Lionsgate. “The NBCUniversal team has been very creative in working with us on this unique way to reach our fans and we are excited to partner with them on it.”

The partnership will launch during NBC’s “The Voice” on November 10th when Carson Daly and “The Hunger Games’” stars Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson will announce the upcoming behind-the-scenes special and tease fans with an exclusive first-look at “The Hunger Games: The Phenomenon” on the Emmy Award-winning show.

“NBCUniversal is uniquely positioned to develop scalable opportunities for movie studios across our gigantic portfolio. And, paired with Fandango, there is simply no other place to reach these audiences and effectively drive ticket sales,” said Cherie Cohen, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal. “We’re excited to partner with Lionsgate to promote ‘The Hunger Games’ and serve as the exclusive destination for the film’s rabid fan base.”

On November 12th, “The Hunger Games: The Phenomenon” will run across Bravo, E! and Oxygen at 8:00pm EST followed by Syfy and USA at 11:00pm EST. Each airing will be attached to a special first-look at each network’s original show (“The Royals.” “Vanderpump Rules,” “Pretty.Strong,” “Childhood’s End” and “The Colony”).

The blockbuster “The Hunger Games” franchise has already grossed more than $2.3 billion at the global box office and “The Hunger Games” trilogy of books has sold over 82 million copies.

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