The Freaky Boiz got me like…….

You ask me a question and I will tell you NO Lie.

I was just introduced to the Freaky Boiz on Twitter via their new video entitled “None.”  

Let me start by saying, the name of the group intrigued me so I had to click the link. The song title left me wondering so I was forced to hit play. Now what happened after I hit play was something I never would have anticipated.

When that fine dark skinned specimen of a man hit my screen I had to catch my breath. Chile, Beyoncé said it best when she said “Make me Lose my Breath.” I think I missed his first 8 barz from being in awe.

After I came back to reality I realized he was spittin. I mean he was lyrically going hard as a mugg. Hmmm, fine and got barz. Where can I sign up to win a date?

Back to the song, as the track continues and you find out why “they don’t really want none!” The song becomes self explanatory. Just when you think it can get no better……..


In comes the Golden God serving you Face, Barz and Facial Expressions. Chile, his verse was so disrespectful, I feel bad for whoever he was attacking. He hit them with a metaphoric warfare so heavy it was compatible to a machine gun fully loaded. Ooh!

These two together make one want to….. I’ll let you finish that statement.  

Make sure you check out the video and follow the Freaky Boiz.

Tweet Me and tell me what you think of the video. Better yet, my dark skin #MCM. (Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

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