The Fairy Stud Mother (Teresa Morcho) Delivers Us “The Stud Model Project “

Teresa Morcho

Taking a moment away from her busy schedule, Teresa Morcho allows me the opportunity to dive deep into the life she has lived. Understanding that Art imitates Life, I had to dig waaaaaaay back to the beginning as we begin to explore the birth of “The Stud Model Project.”

More than just a project, The Fairy Stud Mother has birthed an agency of creativity, expression, representation, and inclusion that has grown beyond what one may have expected… Listen in as we explore the Life of Teresa and the birth of The Stud Model Project.

Say Hello to the Brand:

Teresa Morcho is the founder of The Stud Model Project, which is both an internet sensation (YouTube series) and a modeling business, and she currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. TeresaTeresa Morcho is also a technology enthusiast with over ten years of experience in technology sales. She applied her professional knowledge to her firm, MOPAO.CO, which is committed to helping small businesses automate their eCommerce and service-driven companies for efficiency and productivity

The Stud Model Project is a creative firm that specializes in stock images of manly lesbians of color (studs) and other queer cis-gender women on the masculine spectrum for commercial and economic purposes, primarily with LGBTQ-friendly groups. Teresa founded the Stud Model Project, which began with publishing a coffee table book including over 100 pages of stunning ladies. Teresa was motivated by these collections of books to pursue her interest and create a website dedicated to these fantastic qualities.

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