The Artist Plug: Dre The URL

What does it me3an to be the URL? It means to be the PLUG! You must have all the access. The latest connections and the strongest ties. That is what you get when Dre the URL comes to the table.

Born, Andre’ Williams, Dre The Url is the next generation of Industry Mogul. Labeled The Url for being one of the few people who has a plug to everything. Dre is leading the pack and leaving no room for failure. Entering into the industry in 2006, Dre climbed the ranks with rapid success. Being a leader by nature, it’s no surprise that his entry role in Marketing lead to many more opportunities which catapulted the young mogul to esteemed recognition.

Holding the title of A&R for Universal/BangVillage, Dre is taking the careers on Independent Artist to the next level and pushing Grammy Award Winning Artist to test their own abilities. Recently, named a Rose’ Bel Aire Representative, Dre is tackling the Atlanta scene in a way that only a URL can.

Currently working on a few projects with Grammy Award Winning Artist and Producers, I had the chance to catch up with the URL and get the answer to one of the big questions. As he was walking out the studio, I asked,

DiamondKesawn: With being a Mogul in the making, are you currently working on any high ticket projects?

Dre The URL: Always, Diamond! I got a few things in store that I know the consumers will enjoy.

Oh really?? You know what that means. When your favorite artist drops their next project make sure you search the credits. You might see a familiar name that I introduced you to……..

With so much more to come from this insider, Link in and stay abreast on what Dre The URL has going on.

Dre The URL on Social Media:


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