TayyOntop: From Reality TV to Hip Hop


Deonta, better known as TayyOntop, has been making his mark on the entertainment industry for two years and counting. Hailing from Detroit and initially starting out as a beloved reality TV star, the multitalented artist has since unveiled his hip-hop and pop crossover sound, which has gained massive popularity all over the globe. His impressive catalog just further expanded this year with the infectious single “Fantasy,” which contains a nod to Mariah Carey’s iconic 1995 track of the same name, hinting at a promising future for TayyOntop in the music world.

At an early age, TayyOntop developed a passion for the performing arts. He refined his talents in dancing, acting, and modeling, starring in multiple plays while still a youngster. As he continued to sharpen his skills, he ultimately caught the eye of the entertainment industry and secured roles on MTV’s Catfish and Jerry Springer. This launched his career, providing exposure and cultivating a strong, loyal base of admirers who cheered him on in his voyage to achieve his dream of becoming a successful musician.

The rapper has crafted a sound made up of hip-hop beats and infectious pop hooks that have been heard worldwide. His last single, “Fantasy,” is a prime example of his brilliance, and its high-octane tenor and his distinctive nasal vocals have granted it substantial international posturing. The climbing success of this single can confidently set the mood for the foreseeable future and make it clear: the party has been kicked off on TayyOntop’s watch! 

TayyOntop Productions, his music label, is devoted to spreading the unique vibes of Tayy’s music to fans all around the globe. His tunes aim to create the perfect atmosphere no matter the occasion, whether it be a gathering with the family, a cookout, or even a summer bash. With each and every beat, TayyOntop pushes out endless energy, fueling people with sheer elation and a desire to bust a move. Also, he is sincerely appreciative of the continuous encouragement from both the LGBT and heterosexual societies and is driven to keep producing superior jams for all to savor.

TayyOntop began without recognition or support, but undeterred, he held firm in his convictions: anyone can chase their aspirations and make their dreams a reality. His sheer tenacity and perseverance enabled him to stay on track and pursue his ambitions. In spite of the people who opposed him and the difficulties that threatened to stop him along the way, TayyOntoprefused to quit. He demonstrated that with diligence and dedication, even the seemingly impossible could be made achievable. This unwavering conviction that he held onto is his legacy of inspiration, proving that with determination and courage, you can accomplish whatever your heart desires.

With the grand reveal of his debut album on the horizon for early June, TayyOntop is hopeful that it will capture the ears of all sorts of people. The course of his artistic journey has been a transformative one; yet, not expecting any accolades, he stands unwavering in his commitment to the hard work and perseverance needed in order to make a place for himself within this ever-evolving industry. Undoubtedly, he feels grateful for the love and recognition he’s gotten thus far.

TayyOntop’s journey illustrates that dedication and hard work can lead to great success, even if it involves a few twists and turns. In marvelous contrast to his reality TV days, the artist has shone in the music world with his own distinctive style, and his knack for connecting with fans has only helped to raise his chances of achieving great feats. As he pushes onward and continues to produce tremendous masterpieces, one cannot deny that the future holds many excellent opportunities for TayyOntop.


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