Take a trip with me to TifTown, the Town of Many Things

image2Many may ask, What is Tiftown? Well, Tiftown is a platform that Model and Friend of mine Tiff created which embodies everything that Tif Nelson, is capable of. Tiftown was created as a way to group her multitude of gifts into one classification.  23

Ms. Tif possesses several talents, all that she enjoys; modeling, acting, writing, and artistry. Instead of her sticking with just one, she created a way to brand herself through using her gifts and embody them all into one. Werkkkkkkkkkkkkk Bish…static1.squarespace.com

Born in Detroit, MI (1 tbsp of Ratchet). Raised in Columbus, MS (3tbsp of Country Girl), Tif attended High school in Atlanta, GA (6tbsp of Bangy). When people think of Tif, most identify with her through her ten years of experience in modeling. Tif advises that Modeling taught her grace, poise, confidence, and helped her build relationships, which allowed people to take notice of my artistry. Modeling also helped her with her love of fashion, beauty and evolving something simple into something extraordinary.

Tiftown was started, as way to personally brand and market herself. What started as a visual teaser or commercial that allowed people to learn how silly, genuine, and fun she is outside of modeling has turned into a Brand Imprint that is here to stay.

I asked Tif what keeps her motivated and she said,

“The key to becoming great starts with you. Welcome to Tiftown”


When it comes to the Name DiamondKesawn, it truly speaks for itself. Born Kesawn Cooper, in conjunction with the fact that he is known to be a girl's Best friend aka Diamond; you get the Birth of DiamondKesawn.The Self Made Media Socialite is dedicated to the continued Growth and the Development of himself, DKP the Brand, RAmag, and the Brands of those he will touch.Buckle your Seat Belt as it’s always a Roller Coaster Ride with DiamondKesawn. #MindYou

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