Summer Payton Debuts “Golden Hour”

As we were getting ready for the Holidays, Summer was hard at work preparing for the release of her debut project. Naming the project “Golden Hour” Summer decided on a Christmas Day release date. As everyone was exchanging gifts and delivering holiday cheer, Summer delivered us a body of work that can only be described as Golden!

Track 1 is entitled “No Sleep” and presents the perfect introduction to what Summer has been up to. Ain’t no way she got no sleep on her road to 25. LoL! (Happy Belated Birthday Boo)

A Message from Summer:

Well family, we did it! A lot of you have been with me along the Road to 25 as I released a single every month. It was all a train to lead up to this moment. The Golden Hour has arrived. I am pleased to present you all with my debut album. 12 brand new songs straight from my heart and soul. During this pandemic and quarantine period I’ve worked tirelessly to produce, write, and record it all from my bedroom. I’m extremely proud of the final product. All I want for this Golden 25th birthday of mine, is for you all to support it. Stream it, share it with family and friends, and if you have the means please buy it. As an independent artist, every little bit counts. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

The year 2020 has been incredibly tumultuous. With the global pandemic halting the world to quite literally a full-stop, the year that we thought we were going to have was completely turned on our heads. Along with the pandemic, we’ve experienced political upheaval and catastrophic events, that have forced our collective selves to turn inward and reflect on who we are and how we want ourselves to be portrayed.

Many of us fell into an uneasy sense of loss teetering on depression, but for Los Angeles-based R&B Singer-Songwriter Summer Payton, she looked back at her catalog of unreleased music from over the years and realized that through the commotion of daily life, she’s done a disservice to her fans and supporters by not sharing her music and creative talents with them. As a result, she embarked on a #Roadto25 campaign where on the 25th of each month, she was releasing her previously unreleased tracks, all culminating with the release of her album entitled Golden Hour dropping on December 25th, which is also her golden birthday.

Each track delves into her personal experiences, whether that be insecurities or triumphs, Summer consistently pushes the boundaries of what is perceived to be R&B/Neo-Soul. The dual-lead singles of “Moment” and “Outta Character” both come from personal experiences. “Moment” happened to come about when Summer received the brief to write a song for the ABC series For Life, a show where a man served a lengthy sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. Obviously, 2020 has been a year where outcomes could have been different with different choices. Summer asks the question of whether or not we’ve learned from our past mistakes and given the same choice, would we have done things differently or better? There’s a message of hope through the song. The idea that we’re not completely lost, no matter how bleak things might look.

On the flip side, “Outta Character” showcases the duality of Summer. On the outside, people assume at first glance that Summer’s sweet and loving tendencies can be taken for granted and perceived as a kind of weakness. However, there have been times in Summer’s life where she’s had to stand up for herself, letting people know that there are certain things that she’s just not willing to accept, and being taken for granted is not one of them. The song stands as a firm reminder to be careful to not push her over the edge, or she might have to jump “Outta Character.”

Recorded on her own during quarantine in her home studio, Golden Hour is a major accomplishment for Summer. It not only served as a balm to her creative soul but also as a testimony to her special gifts and talents.

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