Stevie D. meets Stevie W. and the Vocals are Real

Babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the boys in Atlanta are bringing their vocals to the front line. and, Signal 23 is here for it. With the recent announcement of their new record label, Owner/CEO/Mogul Henderson Maddox, is playing no games with the industry and Stevie D is alleged to be his new secret weapon.

Signal 23 Records is proud to present new RnB sensation, Stevie D, in concert on November 29th at 8pm. The concert will be held at 294 Walker st Atlanta GA 30313 and admission is free.

Singer and songwriter Stevie D is the new sound of RnB music. We’re talking about that classic sound from the 90’s and earlyStevie D 2000’s that the world has been deprived of.  Signal 23 Records and Stevie D created a true masterpiece in the new Stevie meets Stevie Mixtape. The mixtape is  filled with covers of Stevie Wonder original songs. The mixtape was recorded in Los Angeles California at ES Sound Recordings.

The artist was challenged by the label to choose a legend that he admired to pay tribute to, but Stevie Wonder was chosen for more than the fact that they share a name. “Stevie Wonder is a timeless legend and his music transcends through every generation”, is what artist Stevie D says is the reason he chose Stevie Wonder. In addition to the 8 beautiful soulful covers, the label is releasing a documentary giving fans an up-close look at some of the process. This is not only a first mixtape for artist Stevie D, but it is also the very first project for the label. Signal 23 Records was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by Henderson Maddox. “It was hard to keep ignoring the music talent on set, I sat down and said hey let’s take things to the next level.” Maddox runs a production company and streaming network where he has witness so many talented actors with amazing vocal ability. The label plans to use the mixtape to build upon Stevie D’s fan base as they gear up to release his EP, “Four Letter Word”, releasing in the first quarter of 2018.

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