“Something to Declare”

Marietta Cobb Museum of Art


“Something to Declare”

Something to Declare is a group exhibition featuring over twenty Latin-American artists from across the eastern United States. The exhibition aims to discuss and analyze some of the conditions and circumstances relevant to the artists’ individual autonomy, what drives them to create, and their desire to proclaim in a collective setting that, “we are here.” This exhibition also explores the concept that ideas, customs, and objects can travel between cultures, and identities are often layered.

Selected Artists: Jorge Arcos Luis Ardila Jessica Caldas Pablo Caviedes Marisa Cerbán Alexi Torres
Franck de las Mercedes Franklin Delgado Pedro Fuertes Catalina Gomez-Beuth
María Fernanda Lairet Dora López Morgan Lugo Alexis Mendoza Paula Reynaldi
Mario Rigo Peralta Carolina Rojas Maria Sarmiento Carlos Solis Melvin Toledo

The exhibit features paintings by New York-based Nicaraguan artist Franck de las Mercedes. His work is aimed to bring more awareness of Nicaragua’s culture, troubled political history, and most recent human rights crisis. Despite his American upbringing, Franck de las Mercedes is regarded as one of Nicaragua’s most important living artists. FdlM has pioneered a style which he calls “Popstract Expressionism” in which the work blends elements of street art, raw textures, and colorful compositions, with non-traditional materials. Referencing memory, current events, family dynamics, and sociopolitical topics, Franck’s body of work transports the viewer into an emotionally charged and colorful journey.

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