Social Fame Originator Shod Santiago Talks Fame, Love, and Life

Shod Santiago

Social Media Fame is something we have grown to understand. We have fallen in love with the reachability that social media provides us when it comes to reaching our favorite people. Shod Santiago is one of the pioneers of social media fame.

Taking the viral world by storm during the days when Vine was our daily obsession, Shod Santiago found a way to use comedy to help us get through our day.

Recently, I had the chance to chop it up with Shod and discuss how it all started and where it’s headed. Press play and get ready to be entertained by one of the first to do it.

Shod Santiago, the name alone rings bells across the social media world. The online sensation received his acclaim from organically creating a following on VINE, which led to 1 million+ viewership. Since the age of VINE, his path to stardom has been an amazing journey. Shod took social media by storm and has since been featured on some of today’s most incredible plat-forms including: BE 100 Radio, VH1, Centric, and CW networks. This kind of exposure has assisted Shod in fostering strong relationships with notable figures in the entertainment industry!

Hailing from Maryland and Queens, N.Y. now residing in Atlanta, the “Shod Santiago” brand holds high rank to some of social media’s most infuential personalities. His brand has 1 million+ collective social media followers, and 20K+ views per video by way of Instagram. It’s now safe to say that Shod Santiago is more than just a brand, it’s a house hold name! From releasing his highly anticipated best-selling novel, “Gucci & Gold”, Shod showed the masses that fourishing on social media
is not the only avenue to success. In addition, Shod has his own major talk show in production with SVTV Network (Strong Voices Television).

The ShodSantiago Show brings a fresh outlook on late night talk shows. Shod delivers intriguing advice, and entertainment to
a niche group of individuals. The show will focus on what’s happening now on the internet and social media, with a Shod Santiago twist. With a blossoming merchandise line and many guest appearances on Vh1’s popular reality television
series, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”; his star power has become a force to be reckoned with.

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