Sip and See Spotlight: Good Morning the Short Film

Good Morning Poster

Purple Monki Productions announces its new Indie lesbian-themed short film “Good Morning”. Actor Tajir S Hawkins, will star in the gritty street tale that follows Leader Jones (Hawkins); a reformed crime mobster that is now faced with her past mistakes, and the life-altering decision that seal her fate. The film was shot in Houston, TX this past summer and already has a high anticipation for its release. Actress/Rapper Yung Crusay; will also star in the mini-drama as the “I got yo’ back” best friend, and crime partner.

Get ready as I get a chance to sip some Tea with the Creator Aprill Renee and the Sexxxy Yung Crusay.

DiamondKesawn: Please explain the project in your words.

Aprill Renee: Good Morning is a short project I created as an introduction to the LGBT Cinema Community. The film is a super short, less than seven minutes in running time. It’s a love story with attitude slow to speak…& I believe viewers who take the time to preview Good Morning will like it as well…at least I hope!

DiamondKesawn: How does it feel to see the project come to life?

Aprill Renee: It’s an honor to see Good Morning to completion, as any artist would agree to see a project from start to finish is a great feeling. The cast did a great job, our supporters stood behind us all the way through; it’s a good feeling. This is only the beginning!

DiamondKesawn: What do you want the viewer to walk away with after viewing the project?

Aprill Renee: My vision is to bring something fresh & new to the Lesbian Film community. I want viewers after watching Good Morning to feel entertained, and captured by the story!

DiamondKesawn: What is your Social Media info for the base to follow your movement?

Aprill Renee: Instagram- Original_PurpleMonki and Twitter- @Purple_Monki

DiamondKesawn: Yung Crusay, with all your fineness, please Introduce yourself followed by your character.

Yung Crusay: My name is Charlene Cruse otherwise known as the rapper Yung Crusay, and I play the character named “Right Hand.”

DiamondKesawn: What made you audition for this particular role?

Yung Crusay: Funny thing is, I actually didn’t audition for this one. When I was approached with the opportunity, I went for it. Anything Aprill does I firmly stand behind.

DiamondKesawn: Do you relate to the character in any way? If so, how?

Yung Crusay: I Definitely do. Right Hand is loyal and down for whatever. She’s there to get the job done and watch the back of her partner. This is me all day.

DiamondKesawn: What is your favorite scene of the project?

Yung Crusay: My fav scene is the shooter scene. It shows the viewer just how real Right Hand is and where her loyalty lies.

DiamondKesawn: Where can the fans keep up with you and your movement?

Yung Crusay: Twitter: @Yung_Crusay and @DirtyBiznessEnt Instagram: @Yung_Crusay YouTube:

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