Sidney Starr and The Shauna Brooks Clap Back

Transgenders-Sidney-Starr-Shauna-Brooks-step-out-in-see-through-outfitsRumors began swirling that one of the members of Rae Sremmurd was dating transgender Celeb Reality Star Sidney Starr based on a photo they took with each other. My Good Good Gurlfriend Model and Fashion Beauty, The Shanuna Brooks, posted a photo of her kissing on one of the members of the group as well. Swae Lee (one of the members of the group) commented under Shauna’s photo saying,

“If he knew you was a man he wouldn’t have did that trust.”

Shauna clapped back telling Rae Sremmurd to learn proper terms such as transgender not “man.” She also says RS wasn’t calling Sidney a man the other night as they were allegedly trying to get her to come back to their hotel room.


Rae Sremmurd told Baller Alert,

“If you see us and we don’t want to stop or take a picture , this is why. This is a man. I was stopping to take a picture with a fan. Don’t misconstrue a picture.


I try not to say too much but I must say my piece. Sidney and Shauna are two of the most famous younger Transgenders. To say you don’t know of them and you are a part of pop culture is a lie. Furthermore, I know both of my girlfriends don’t lie about who they are. Trust, there is NO NEED TO. They gets all the nukkas and all the gifts from all the straight men. Lastly, Shauna and Sidney both have a type and it damn sure ain’t no Ramen Noodle….

I need for both these brothers to have every seat in the Old and New Braves Stadium with their Ug-A-Mugg asses. No Shade to their music, but yo don’t come for my good Judy’s and not get at least 1 page read.

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