Show Reviews and Recaps by Amanda Ward Bravo Media’s “Untying the Knot” Season 2

UNTYING THE KNOT -- Season:1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Mark Millea, Vikki Ziegler, Michael Millea -- (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo)

UNTYING THE KNOT — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Mark Millea, Vikki Ziegler, Michael Millea — (Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo)


Season 2, Episode 1 – Mickey & Toya Wright

The best part of watching reality TV is the inevitable drama. Untying the Knot is full of all the crazy relationship drama that is begging you to watch! Season two debuts Sunday, November 8th on Bravo.

Celebrity divorce attorney and expert mediator Vikki Ziegler starts off season two with a bling-bang! Bravo’s Untying the Knot star travels to Atlanta to work with soon-to-be divorced couple Mickey and Toya Wright. After four years of marriage, irreconcilable differences have lead the couple to seek the help of Vikki Ziegler to fairly divide up their assets. Unfortunately “fair” has a different definition to Mickey and Toya as Vikki determines in the first meeting with the clients. Between the diamond rings, luxury cars, and designer watch collection, Vikki requests the help of the Millea Brothers, Michael and Mark, to appraise the assets and advise her in her recommendation for Mickey and Toya. There was one other item of concern for Vikki to deal with, the camera in which Toya bought for Mickey as a birthday present and a way to restart his career. Mickey’s “Hi, I’m Tom” approach to his new photography career, however, quickly became a concern for Toya and weighted heavily on her divorce decision. Mediation day arrives and Vikki finally comes to a fair recommendation that, after a little heated confrontation and some negotiation, Mickey and Toya both agree is a reasonable resolution.

In this first episode, Vikki also meets with reoccurring client Mira Tzur. And surprise! Someone is pregnant! Mira has come to Vikki in hopes of finding some advice on her new living situation with her current boyfriend.  Vikki offers her the solution of a co-habitation agreement.  After a bit of hesitation, Mira and her new beau come to an understanding with the terms of the co-habitation agreement.

Watching this show is like listening to your next-door neighbors argue about the new attractive co-worker at his job. This first episode will have you begging for more divorce drama than ever before!

Bravo Media premieres the second season of “Untying the Knot” on Sunday, November 8 at 9pm ET/PT. Celebrity divorce attorney and expert mediator Vikki Ziegler travels the country using her distinct brand of honest, empathetic and to-the-point communication to help couples “divorce with dignity” through mediation. This season, the eight episode series expands to an hour-long format as Vikki works with divorcing couples who are deadlocked in divvying up their most-prized possessions ranging from the family pet pig to a Lamborghini. Expert appraisers Michael and Mark Millea evaluate the items in contention so Vikki can determine a fair, equitable division of assets. Why let a judge decide your fate when this “divorce diva” can cut through all the drama?  Episode two premieres in the series’ regularly scheduled timeslot on Wednesday, November 11 at 10pm ET/PT.

In addition to divorce mediations, season two showcases Vikki’s clients navigating many other intricate legal topics surrounding marriage and relationships including the 20 questions every couple should answer before they get married, pre-nuptial/cohabitation agreements, and legal procedures for women who want to freeze their eggs and maintain sole control over them.

Produced by Engel Entertainment with Steven Engel and Dean W. Slotar serving as Executive Producers and Jaqueline Tobacco as Co-Executive Producer.

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