Rumor Report: (Exclusive) VH1 to Air Special About Gays in Rap, ‘Out in Hip Hop’

‘Out in Hip Hop’


The Jazmine Brand reported the following today: exclusively reports, VH1 is an airing an upcoming special about gays in the hip-hop community. Reportedly, the topic was inspired after Love & Hip Hop Hollywood added two openly gay cast members – Miles and Milan — who are also rappers.

The special was filmed in New York, on October 6th, with TJ Holmes moderating the discussion. Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast members Ray J and Fizz were in attendance, along with Miles and Milan. Also, artist and reality star Big Freedia, Siya (Sisterhood of Hip Hop), Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson, DMC (of Run DMC) were in attendance.

The special will feature discuss around the LGBTQ community and hip hop, along with the stigma in the music industry.The episode airs, October 19th on VH1.

Now, my RAmaggers. You know I’m not one for gossip so lets talk. If this is true, what is your opinion on it?

  1. Was the panel named up to par?
  2. Do you think it will be of substance?
  3. Will it lead to more discussions?
  4. Is this a ploy to make a fool out of someone?
  5. Will some TEA be spilled?

I need to know. I’m bout to call VH1. I’ll keep you posted.



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