Gifted And Young: Gay Rapper, Ripparachie, Releases New Album to Bring Change to ‘Intolerant’ Music Industry.
While Ripparachie has developed a national following for his unique brand of Hip Hop, being gay has provided a constant series of roadblocks in an industry that isn’t allowing him to shine. However, his new album ‘Gifted And Young’ is a bold attempt to not only make the music industry more tolerant of individual sexuality, but to inspire change around the entire world. Ripparachie has successfully stolen the nation’s headlines before – and he’s far from giving up.

Lafayette, IN The name ‘Ripparachie’ is synonymous with unique music that spreads a vital message of compassion and hope. However, while his Hip Hop skills are far on par with some of the music world’s biggest names, the fact that Ripparachie is gay has posed its own unique set of problems. His latest album ‘Gifted And Young’ (an acronym for ‘gay’) hopes to change the music landscape for good.
Comprising 100% original material, ‘Gifted And Young’ takes a direct stance against both the music industry and the wider world’s tendency to be intolerant of homosexuality.
“Many are against what I stand for but, by competing for mainstream success, I know that I’ll eventually be recognized for my core craft and hustle. My material is written for everyone, whatever their creed, religion or sexuality,” says Ripparachie.
Continuing, “I want to prove that a person’s sexuality has nothing to do with their skills, potential success or outlook on life. I always wanted to be known for my music – but it wasn’t that easy. That’s why I took the decision to align my career with a mission to break down society’s barriers and make us a more tolerant world.”
The new mixtape is presented by Coin Team – Ripparachie’s new movement to bring positive change to society. ‘Simply Stylez’ and ‘Stack or Starve’ are also vested in the new release’s success.
“I’m also hugely privileged to be giving back to my local community. A portion of each sale between March and July will be donated to ‘Pride Lafayette’ – an organization working tirelessly in my home town,” he adds.
‘Gifted And Young’ will be released on iTunes (and Physical copies on Amazon On Demand) on 1/3/14 and on (and other mixtape sites) on 1/7/14.
A new video from the artist has already gone viral on World Star Hip Hop. View it here:
More information about Ripparachie can be found on his official website:
He can also be followed on Facebook ( and Twitter (http://

About Ripparachie:
Ripparachie, born DeMarquis Oden, has been doing music ever since he was young. His first song was written for him by his cousin when he was seven years old. He started writing his own music when he was eleven years old. He was born and raised in a small town called Lafayette in Indiana. He first started calling himself “Lil Rippa” when his grandmother died. When he moved to Bridge Way, a local apartment complex, his big brother always called him “Rachie”.
He decided to put both names together and that’s how the name “Ripparachie” was created. Ripparachie opened up for Too $hort when he was fourteen years old. He has also opened up for Crime Mob, Lil Wyte, DJ Unk, and more. He has been dropping solo mixtapes ever since he was fifteen years old. At that age he started to go down the wrong path and lost his focus on the music. As Ripparachie grew he started to realize that his music was the only choice he had to get his friends and family out of the struggle. In the year 2012, Ripparachie came out of the “closet” to all of his friends, fans, and family. He lost a lot of people during that time of his life but he used that to fuel his burning desire to succeed in the music industry. At that point he decided to completely change his style of music and to make more positive music. He wants to be the voice of those scared to be themselves  He has the goal of changing the world and bringing peace to our generation  He has decided to help bring the LGBT community together to help fight for human rights. He has had a rough past, in and out of trouble but has decided to better his future and try to help others on the way.
He struggled to be his self for many years and that is why he changed his mission to help those that suffer from being themselves due to the community. Everyone that knew him always wanted to know why he was so depressed and so negative all the time  It was simply because he was afraid of coming out and losing the people he called friends and family. He has finally came to the true him and wants to be the voice of those out there that are scared to do so. Ripparachie wants to put a stop to bullying and the discrimination. In the year of 2013, he created a new movement called “Coin Team” which he hopes to gather people that wants to bring change to this world.
DeMarquis Oden
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